Criminal Schools

In Quebec, there’s now a curfew with fines from $1,000 to $6,000 CAD. Gyms, salons, restaurants are all closed.

But schools will open for in-person instruction. And have been for a while. Even in crazy Quebec.

Here, on the other hand, everything is open. I’m on my way to the salon right now. But schools are closed. Nobody is promising that full-time in-person teaching will resume at any point.

A boy upstate committed suicide yesterday. He was hoping for a career in sports but he hasn’t been allowed to play since March. Athletes who are in heavy training have very adverse psychological and physiological effects if the training is suddenly taken away.

This boy was killed by the laziness of the teachers who prefer to sacrifice kids than to haul their asses to work. These schools have become criminal enterprises that get kids addicted to screens in order to turn them into lifelong mental patients and give them a bunch of physical diseases.

3 thoughts on “Criminal Schools”

  1. You forgot California, where neither the schools nor anything else — restaurants, gyms, salons — is open. And this is all for an indefinite period of time. No date has been given for when outdoor dining can resume, and teacher union leaders are floating dates like fall 2022 as a timeline for school opening.


  2. I’m the current Youth Safety admin. for my parish. I got an email notice this week about re-upping my youth safety training for this year, so I’ll still qualify to teach the Sunday school. It made me want to cry. What’s the point? They’re all like “let’s get creative about ways to have socially-distanced Sunday school!” But no prognostications at all about when we’ll be done with the whole COVID fiasco and its attendant regulations.

    Our parish is only allowed to have 25 people attend liturgy. I’m the only one who even brings kids to church anymore. No amount of creative, “outside-the-box” thinking is going to overcome the reality that you can’t have Sunday school, or youth programs, if there aren’t any youth at church!

    Is there any point to keeping our certification current? Right now, it looks like a complete racket.

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    1. You are lucky. We are only allowed to have 10 people in church. We used to have this wonderful time in the liturgy when the priest would sit down and all the kids would sit around him on the floor, and he’d speak to the kids, explaining the sermon in ways that they would understand. And now it’s all gone. It was my favorite part because it’s so beautiful. And I also found it helpful because I’m new to Church and the explanations really helped. Also, I was planning to let Klara go to the youth church camp in the summer for the first time. Now it’s all gone.


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