QAnon and Structural Racism

I tried to understand what QAnon is all about. Read a lot of websites, Twitter feeds, etc.

QAnon is an attempt to explain the world using the same circular logic that drives the belief in “structural racism.” It’s got to be true because I can see no other explanation.

QAnon is organized around the same kind of facile binary as its counterpart on the left. You are either racist or anti-racist. You are either with Q or not. Any questioning is scoffed at. It’s a completely closed system that has no room for any questioning. It’s impervious to facts or data. It’s true because it’s got to be.

Both worldviews are cult-like in nature. Both are imbued with a sense of a mission. We are helping the helpless! We are about justice! Both are about seeking justice for a downtrodden group.

The only real difference is that the woke cult has proven useful to the oligarchy and the oligarchy is now using it to guard its assets. That’s why you can openly scoff at Q but are supposed to show nothing but reverence to the anti-racism folks.

6 thoughts on “QAnon and Structural Racism”

  1. I might add that both can be traced to dishonest, biased media. If people trusted their news sources, there would be no widespread interest in the “let me explain it to you” movements.

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  2. I dunno. I looked into Q for a week, a while back, and still halfheartedly keep tabs on it. There have been no new Q missives since Dec 8. I think it was a successful psyop. It enchanted the people on the right who were most likely and most motivated to organize and take some kind of action, and kept them glued to their computer screens ten hours a week instead. “Have faith! The cavalry is coming! Trump has got an ace up his sleeve that will save us all! Like and share on social media to save the republic!”

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens if/when they gradually realize they’ve been had.


    1. And it’s the same with wokeness. Just as black kids were dropping out of Zoom school in droves and black neighborhoods were ravaged by crime the earnest leftists celebrated the BLM like it was actually achieving something.

      There’s nothing more racist and classist than school closures and police defunding. They are the Jim Crow of our times. But is anybody noticing? Nope. Because all the educated privileged folks bought the book about the anti-racist baby and feel like they are fighting racism.


  3. I get the sense things like QAnon and BLM have always existed in one way or another. The plasticity of the human mind allows for that. It’s just that in more recent history, we’ve decided as a society to pursue a facts based understanding of the world as a way to agree on what truth and facts are, most of this underpinned by science and some form of mathematical induction logic.

    This understanding seems to be falling apart right now.


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