The Left’s COVID Narrative

I don’t spend much time with the believers in the COVID orthodoxy (aka Democrats) anymore. It’s not like I try to avoid them but they’ve been cooped up inside, so where can I see them?

This is why I don’t know what their narrative is. I’m very interested in other people’s narratives. How do they explain that 10 months of lockdowns have produced no result? They’ve got to have an explanation that makes sense to them.

Today I had a chance to talk to a passionate Biden supporter and I got a feel for the narrative.

Can you guess what it is?

Yes, it’s the same as always, and it’s heartbreaking.

The explanation is that there are too many people who are structurally racist imperfect immoral don’t follow the mandates correctly.

“The mandates are great. And everybody I know follows them to a T. But there are so many racist evil immoral people out there who don’t, and they are forcing the authorities to punish all of us.” That’s the narrative.

The worst part is that it’s an unfalsifiable theory. If the lockdowns don’t work, it’s because people don’t follow the rules. Because if they did, lockdowns would work. So if they don’t…

The greatest sin of the modern Left is its evisceration of the concept of solidarity and the constant pitting of poor disenfranchised schmucks against each other.

P.S. People who want to argue that this is not the Left’s narrative on lockdowns need to provide their own version. How do you explain why the lockdowns don’t work? Study the timeline of lockdowns and COVID numbers in California, for example, and provide an alternative explanation that has currency in the left.

20 thoughts on “The Left’s COVID Narrative”

  1. I can confirm that this is indeed the left’s narrative. As you know as of 2020 I am not on the left anymore, but all my friends still are. This is exactly what they believe.

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    1. It’s very sad when poor oppressed schmucks begin to blame each other. I tried telling to my Democrat friend today that maybe the problem is that the governor is mishandling things but she said it’s a conspiracy theory.

      The expression “conspiracy theory” has blossomed on the Left to refer to everything the Left isn’t allowed to know.


  2. Yep, same thing. My friend in California says that it’s the people’s fault that they are now in what you would call a perpetual lock down.

    This is just like we were told in Poland that socialism is failing because people don’t believe in it, and they don’t sacrifice enough for the greater good.

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    1. Exactly! That’s how it always is. The people are imperfect but the ideology is infallible. That’s the eternal trap, and people keep falling into it.


  3. Clearly the thing to do is keep going out in public, refuse to wear a mask, and keep the lefties cowering in their houses forever. That’s victory without a war, no?


  4. Sent you an email.

    I hear all the time on Israeli TV that people don’t follow the rules and see sufficient examples every day.

    For instance,

    “( 01.06.21 ) Riots as cops break up illegal massive Haredi weddings

    The weddings took place in the city of Bnei Brak and the settlement of Beitar Illit, which has 24% COVID-19 infection rate and currently tops the list of “red”, virus-hit cities.

    In Bnei Brak, a large wedding also took place. The event was attended by hundreds of guests and was held at a construction site that was being renovated in blatant violation of Health Ministry’s guidelines and safety regulations.”


    Huge Arab weddings


    All kinds of people only pretending to wear a mask on crowded buses

    😦 😦

    I find it hard to believe Americans are more responsible.


    1. There can be 100 % compliance and everyone can wear the mask properly, isolate at home, and get tested to death, and I can guarantee you we will still be in this same mess.

      That being said, any public health intervention that requires 100% compliance at all times from everyone to work is sure to fail when implemented on a population of millions. That should be quite obvious to all the politicians and scientists in charge. It simply does not make sense.


      1. That’s what I think, too. Virus is going to virus. We are causing a lot of damage with measures that do absolutely nothing.

        I spoke today with a woman who works in the service industry. Sees hundreds of customers daily. But she’s proud of never seeing any friends or family out of caution. Where’s the logic? Well, she HAS to work but seeing friends is an indulgence. Like the virus has a moral compass or something.


        1. If her family are in the high risk group, then she is to be commanded. The problem with the lock downs is that there is no tailored risk assessment. If we protected better those who are at risk and let those who are close to 100% likely to recover go about their lives as normal, we would be out of this mess way sooner with functioning economy.


          1. “If we protected better those who are at risk ”

            Current lockdown policies have nothing in common with protecting the vulnerable. This was easily observable with Cuomo in New York or current vaccine priorities. If you prioritized vaccinating those over 70 (or even over 80) then covid deaths would rapidly plummet and the jig would be up…. so lots of groups are fast-tracked ahead of them…
            It’s not a health issue (and hasn’t been for a long time) it’s about restructuring society and the economy….


  5. I guess you are right about the official left narrative.

    My own narrative that is probably not left enough is based on “do not ascribe to conspiracy what can be ascribed to idiocy”.

    The system is broken, and has been broken for many years. As a result, the system selects for so called leadership positions those who are irresponsible, unprofessional and often downright sociopathic and narcissistic. This is the problem with all kinds of leadership these days, and also both on the left and on the right.

    So politicians, including public health authorities (who are at best politicians with medical education, and at worst just politicians) are unprofessional (because in most cases a true professional would not raise to a leadership position). They are under constant pressure from various interest groups (some with legitimate interests, some with selfish, some in between) pushing and pulling them in opposite directions. So eventually the authorities default to “let’s do something that will show we are doing something, and upsets the least number of important people”.

    In this paradigm, for example, politicians do not follow the rules imposed on everybody not because they are “in” on the conspiracy, but because they are narcissists who believe that they are above the rules.

    As for “lockdowns are not working” – part of the answer is that a lot of people are indeed irresponsible and are doing things that should be avoided. And part of the answer is a question – how do you know they are not working? Do we have another identical California but without the lockdowns that can be used as a “control” to make such a statement? It is entirely possible that without lockdowns things could get worse.


    1. Actually, we do have a control group. It’s Florida. Schools are open, restaurants, children’s sports, everything. Crowds of happy people dancing in the streets. I saw it myself. Their numbers are better than California’s.

      The theory about the politicians not following the rules because they are narcissists doesn’t really work either. These aren’t just any rules. The theory is that lockdowns and masks protect us from death. So the very obese Pritzker either doesn’t care about dying, which is not likely, or doesn’t believe that these rules save lives. Newsom either wants his child to die and sends him to an in-person school or doesn’t believe opening schools is deadly. It’s either one or the other. Is our entire political leadership actively seeking death or is it more likely that they simply know that these measures don’t work?


      1. —Is our entire political leadership actively seeking death or is it more likely that they simply know that these measures don’t work?

        As we all know, the very real possibility of getting caught and (in the US) getting shot does not stop a lot of criminals. They simply believe that this will not happen to THEM, because THEY are greater and smarter than everybody else. Plus feel entitled to cause harm to other people if it benefits them.

        You are not treating existence of crime as proof that “police does not work”, are you?


        1. Do you really think a very rich and powerful guy would put his son at risk if he knew there was risk? Really? Or is it simply that he’s seen all the mountains of research showing that schools aren’t dangerous? What’s more likely?


          1. First off, I do not believe in the ability of most rich and powerful people to understand or even read “mountains of research”. Therefore, the only way (other than narcissism) this rich and powerful guy can be sure that he and his family are safe is if they were told by some experts that COVID is bogus. AND whoever those experts are are so overwhelmingly trustworthy that all those rich and powerful people, regardless of political persuasion, accept what they are told without question, despite what the media is telling the general population. (So those rich and powerful are somehow completely immune to fears propagating outside of their circle.)


            1. COVID isn’t bogus. But children aren’t at risk and don’t transmit.

              And it’s very easy to stay immune to these fears. Even a complete neurotic like I am achieved it easily. The recipe is simple: don’t watch CNN. That’s it. And your child can have a normal life.

              There is now a complete consensus among every epidemiologist on the planet that COVID affects kids a log less than the flu. There’s no medical reason to keep schools closed. But they are still closed. Except for the private ones. Those are all open.


      2. If you look at the deaths normalized by population, then Florida is worse than California (105 deaths per 100,000 people in FL vs 72 per 100, 000 people in CA, as of 1/8/2021).


          1. Yes, good point, and that does even things out quite a bit. But even taking age demographics into account, it is not true to say that the numbers in Florida are better than in California.


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