Canceling Natural Health

There’s now a large silencing campaign against the natural health / parenting community. I’m not a fan but it’s insane that these utterly inoffensive people would be banned on FB and hounded in the media.

I’m not going to link but there’s a huge hit piece on natural-parenting moms accusing them (on the basis of silly personal anecdotes) to be QAnon and, hence, terrorists. The only thing the natural parenting crowd and the Q have in common is that these are slightly kooky yet utterly harmless people with a theory that explains everything in a somewhat unusual way.

The reason why natural health / parenting folks are being hounded is pretty obvious. They stand outside the reach of the medical establishment and are impervious to biopolitics.

9 thoughts on “Canceling Natural Health”

  1. “The reason why natural health / parenting folks are being hounded is pretty obvious. They stand outside the reach of the medical establishment and are impervious to biopolitics.”

    I don’t think that it is that they are outside the reach of the medical establishment. It’s that there are millions of them who have been reading about vaccine failures for a long time, which allows them to compete with the medical establishment.

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  2. I sought help through a “natural” health chiropractor a few years ago. At first, I thought she was crackers. But I was desperate and had found no help in traditional medicine. My son is a type 1 diabetic and had multiple behavioral diagnosis’ that made it difficult to keep him in school. He was on heavy psyche drugs. I was hoping against hope for an alternative. Not only did this doctor heal my body from debilitating, chronic issues for which traditional medicine said, “here, take a pill the rest of your life–it may or may not help,” she gave me hope. She also healed my son and he has been off the psyche meds for 3 years. So here’s the thing to understand about “health mom’s”, they know that the medical establishment is peddling drugs for ailments that can be healed by alternative methods. It’s not a conspiracy theory. I have taken a lot of flack from my family but they can’t deny how we feel—tremendously good. We will always need insulin, but our quality of life is 100% better.

    Through his natural health chiropractor, I learned what is really in vaccines. She told me–but I did my own research. There is MRNA in the vaccines that cause ill health–especially in the Covid vaccine. That is why we don’t want it. We don’t want our DNA altered. Not that altered DNA will cause us to grow a third head, but it will exacerbate the behavioral disorders we have cured. We think the modern vaccines cause food and environmental allergies and auto-immune disorders. Those things then cause us to be dependent on pharmaceutical drugs. We pay thousands a year for insulin. Candidly, when I talk about these things with friends and family–I get a crazy sidelong glace. My mom used to lecture me but she’s given up.

    Sorry to digress. This headline was startling. But big pharma cannot cancel homeopathic remedies. People know how to use herbs and plants to heal and that knowledge and expertise will go underground. Unfortunately, the poor will not be able to afford it. I leveraged my income to make it happen and sacrificed other thing to pay this doctor. I hedged my bets. I never thought it would work. But it did. Lord help the people who try to take that help and hope away from my family!


        1. For real. Reality is, there are a lot of things standard healthcare either can’t help with, or can… but won’t, for various reasons. People who can’t get help from regular doctors should be able to take their money and hire whoever the heck they want to try to help them– whether that’s a Chinese medicine practitioner, a hypnotist, a massage therapist, a lion-tamer, or a singing instructor.

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          1. My grandpa who was a doctor said that the power of the human mind is immense. If a person believes the cure will work, it’s already halfway to working. Soviet doctors knew this trick: if you lie and tell a patient that a drug is American, its effectiveness soars. 🙂


              1. We have a woman in the Peruvian branch of the family who got breast cancer. The tumors kept growing. She refused to get surgery or chemo and used traditional medicine from her region. The whole Westernized part of the family wept and begged her to reconsider.

                Until the tumors shrank. And then disappeared. It’s been 10 years, and we are all still stumped.


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