People who aren’t horrified by this are idiots:

12 thoughts on “Idiots”

  1. Those companies are basically extensions of the US Government, since they received grants or support or sponsorship from it.

    So, is the question whether people would be more horrified watching a sitting US president be censored, or if they would be more horrified to see the US Government monsters tail?


    1. Exactly. These companies and the government have merged. There’s no separate, independent government any more. What politician will ever dare say anything to displease them if they can so easily shut down any campaign?


      1. Want to see something interesting. Here:

        Clarissa: “Exactly. These companies and the government have merged. There’s no separate, independent government any more.”

        PaulS: “They only shut him down after the Democrats gained control of the government. This move does rely on the Dems being okay with censorship.”

        Companies merging with government is the definition of the word fascism, according to the popularizer of the word, Mussolini.

        The Democrats, who are politicians, wielded corporate power to shut Trump down. So, by definition, the Democrats are fascists.

        Yet, the organization known as ANTIFA, which is alleged to exist solely for the purpose of opposing fascists, is effectively an instrument of the Democrats, who are fascists.


  2. May be, newer technology will break the power of current tech monopolies and return control over their data to users.

    Btw, Russian-speakers are surprisingly leading the counterattack, so something may be not bad in the general culture despite the rotting condition of today’s Russia…

    This is the first serious attempt to challenge the global platforms I’ve seen (linking to English version of their document):

    // The Post-Platforms World: Subject-Oriented Platforms (SOP)
    An open solution regarding the issue of the natural monopoly of modern platforms

    Author: Alex Tourski (

    Short link to this paper is:


    1. …maybe thorium reactors will finally work, and provide us with free energy forever and ever.

      …maybe the stock market will go up forever, and we’ll all be gazillionaires

      …maybe we’ll figure out space travel and colonize the galaxy

      …maybe genetic engineering will get rid of all disease, illness, and old age, and we will all live forever

      …and maybe unicorns will fly out my arse and make my farts smell like sunshine.

      Anything’s possible, right?


      1. methylethyl, regarding ‘may be unicorns,’ have you looked at the paper I posted?

        I am not an expert, so cannot say whether it’s doable, but there are people already working on the project.

        If Mike read it, he might be able to judge whether it’s possible.

        I thought it might be a revolutionary idea. I do not know if it’s rubbish or very good.


        1. What would be really revolutionary at this point is to remember that there’s still a constitution that is still supposed to protect us. Trying to sneak by the oligopoly reinforces the idea that it has a right to exist. But it doesn’t.

          Nobody has the right to turn your water and electricity off for your political beliefs. The internet and social media are a utility at this point. They should be regulated as such.


  3. Btw, only yesterday I laughed at The Babilon Bee’s parody “It is unknown what President Donald Trump thinks about all this, as he is still banned from social media, but he plans to mail out a newsletter today.”

    Today Rod writes: ‘Trump himself has been cut off from nearly all forms of social media, and even his e-mail provider cut him off.’

    May be, telephone calls?


  4. // May be, telephone calls?

    The Babilon Bee has gone for a more radical solution 🙂 :

    // After Being Kicked Off Social Media, Trump Forced To Go Door To Door And Shout ‘RIGGED ELECTION!’

    “Nothing– and I mean nothing, will stop me from getting my important message out to the American people,” said Trump. “I knock on every door and tell people face to face. Low-energy people could never do something like that but luckily your favorite president is HIGH ENERGY!”


  5. The media industries actually run the country (and the world, at that).
    Trump, even with all his multi-millions, cannot seem to “buy” any respect or special favors and privileges.
    So much for the stereotype of “elitists and upper-echelons having more liberties, amenities and privilege”
    …then again, there WAS Bill Cosby as a prerequisite ……..


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