Our Fulbrighters

If you, folks, could see how well we treat our Fulbright scholars, it would gladden your heart. The transportation from the airport, the housing, the meal plan – everything is provided. These days, everybody has to quarantine, so hot meals are delivered directly to their apartments. There’s a care package expecting every new arrival.

I’m so proud of my university for organizing this so well. I have a Yoruba instructor arriving from Nigeria, and the university is really trying to make him feel welcome.

The instructor from Kuwait isn’t coming, unfortunately, but that’s because there were visa issues.

I’m thinking of reviving our Russian program, and bringing in an instructor of Russian through the Fulbright program. They have the most interesting languages. Swahili, Tajik, Turkish, Ukrainian. But I won’t find enrolment for them.

What a great program this is.

7 thoughts on “Our Fulbrighters”

  1. “bringing in an instructor of Russian through the Fulbright program”

    Part of me thinks that’s a great idea…. and part of me thinks that your general antipathy toward Russophones makes it not a great idea….


  2. I wish my university would believe me about this. I tell them it would solve a lot of our problems and enrich us greatly and they look at me as though I were mentally retarded and then say behind my back that I am crazy. They are the ones who are those things, I guess

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    1. It’s a REALLY great program because everybody ends up winning. We’ve had it for at least 15 years, and it’s great. Students get to meet somebody from that country, they get a lot of cultural content. The Fulbrighters benefit, too. And it’s an economical, cost-effective way for a money-poor department to offer these languages at zero cost.

      It’s crazy not to like it.


        1. And it may be that “we” consider it expensive. You have to give them a tuition waiver, cover room and board, and also give them spending money. You have to have courses of interest for them to take, and someone who can responsibly supervise or work with them, and they only teach a couple of courses. And they can’t get a degree from you, so they do not help your statistics in that way. If you compare that to getting a TA you can have for two years or more, and have take 3 courses a semester, and get a degree from you, the regular TA is the better deal – – and has the same cost. I don’t think in this way but I’ll be my administration does.


  3. We used to get American fulbright teaching assistants (usually bright young eager recent grads). I picked up a few from the airport and got them settled in and through the initial campus bureaucracy.

    They were a lot of fun to work with… but then Fulbright ran short of money and wanted the university to kick in more and waited until the last second to let us know… we probably could have done something had we had more time (like a year) since bureaucracy moves at it’s own pace here.
    Nice while it lasted…

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