Have a Nice Life!

Klara loves to leave the room with, “Have a nice life, Mommy!”

I haven’t been able to convince her it’s rude. “But I wished you a NICE life, Mommy. That’s a good thing!”

Speaking of the nice life, we have been offered an extra turn in church, so we are going this Sunday and next week.

In view of recent developments, we need to put all we’ve got into developing our own and our children’s lower bulbs. We’ll need a lot of space down there to hide as deep as possible.

5 thoughts on “Have a Nice Life!”

  1. Maybe explain that the time-frame you choose should be somewhat related to the amount of time you expect to pass before you see that person again? “See you later” covers all bases.


  2. Does she do it to everyone, or just you? If it’s just you, she’s ethering you. And she’s not even six. LMAO.


  3. Maintaining our “lower bulbs” is quite a Herculean task in a society of loud-talking “upper-bulbers” constantly rambling about the usual “sports and politics” (nonstop) and other insipid mindless “small-talk” crap stuff, at always-distracting full-throated volume levels.

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