Local Business Boom

Our town is building like crazy. And I don’t mean residential. Stretches of land that haven’t been able to sell since before I first came here are suddenly all booming. Banks, stores, even a new restaurant.

Is anybody observing anything like it? I’m glad, of course, but it seems like a bizarre time for a business boom.

7 thoughts on “Local Business Boom”

    1. I’ve heard that a lot of people who are now working remotely have moved to small towns where there are bigger properties with more room for home offices.


  1. I’ve seen it in smaller centres. A few months after the pandemic was declared there was a surge in property prices by about 10 percent or so, followed by an uptick in construction that depended on government subsidy.


  2. Yeah, like who’s profitting from all this in the current social climate of self-imposed reclusiveness?
    Here in Columbus (Ohio) the construction projects never stopped—-even in the midst of the “lockdown period”.
    And construction workers never wear facemasks or “social distance” either.


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