Our Junta

To those who will say that it’s not a dictatorship unless you have secret police dragging people away to the dungeons, I suggest that you study the history of the post-Stalinist USSR where the dragging off happened in extremely isolated cases. In Cuba today there isn’t much dragging.

One strong charismatic leader isn’t a pre-requisite for a dictatorship either. Think about the many juntas that didn’t have just one person in leadership.

In the US we have a junta forming but people are looking in the wrong places for it. The junta is formed by Bezos, Dorsey, Zuckerberg and a couple of others.

When people said Trump was a dictator, they were full of crap. With Trump, could you say something negative about him? Criticize him? Organize politically against him? Contrast what you were allowed to say about Trump with what you are allowed to say about the BLM, the hongweibings of the junta.

2 thoughts on “Our Junta”

  1. “In the US we have a junta forming ”

    The prospect of a Biden/Harris (and then Harris/????) administration has me seriously thinking of the logistics and feasibility of applying for Polish citizenship for the first time…. I’ve had permanent residence for years, but I’m not entirely convinced that that’s gonna be enough…

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