What Centrism Looks Like

The unity-building Joe Biden keeps delivering. He now announced that he’s going to put in charge of the civil rights division at the DOJ… a person who thinks that some races are intellectually, physically and spiritually superior to others.

Yes, this person believes in superior and inferior races. This is extremely centrist and will bring oodles of tolerance and unity.

Can anybody explain how this person’s ideas are less crazy than the QAnon?

Democracy in Latin America

The percentage of people in Latin America who believe in democracy is dropping off a cliff. Latin American democracies, with very small exceptions, are young and weak, so it’s disturbing that fewer and fewer people even want democracy.

The disillusionment with democracy grows the fastest among the young and the rich. The young don’t remember the military dictatorships of the 1970s-80s and don’t care. The rich, as we are seeing in our country, don’t like democracy because it’s somewhat slowing down their enrichment.

Does history teach people anything?


Any lessons are erased within a couple of generations, and people happily prance towards the same suffering their grandparents experienced.

Don’t Feed the Trolls

I love TV. Love, love, love it. But in the early two thousands I disconnected it and didn’t have any service until the War on Terror scare-mongering ended. (It was before the social media era, so all the propaganda was on TV). I didn’t allow all those ridiculous Red Alerts that would crop up for no observable reason to occupy my brain.

I’m doing the same now. The “long COVID” and the attendant coups and insurrections aren’t going to reach me.

I highly recommend everybody do the same. We are feeding those bastards with our fear and anxiety.

Doomed to Irrelevance

We are surrounding by idiots on all sides. TPUSA is doing a campaign “Socialism Sucks.” It definitely sucks but talk about being utterly bloody irrelevant.

Socialism means the government nationalizes Google and Facebook. Is that the danger we are currently facing? Or is it the exact opposite because Google and Facebook have privatized government?

High taxes and strong welfare aren’t socialism. High taxes were the problem we didn’t experience in the USSR. Nor was there much by way of welfare.

Conservatives need to stop blathering about socialism. And the Left needs to forget about fascism. We have completely different problems. Let’s start noticing what is really happening.

Rules of Engagement with a Psy-op

When an aggressive psy-op is being conducted against you, you’ve got to protect yourself. Take measures. I’ve seen people turn into a cowering mess. It’s very sad.

Rule #1: curate your sources of information extremely carefully. Look at the lengths we go to in order to protect our bodies from a virus. We need to do the same to protect our minds.

Rule #2: the philosophy of “I’m such a special cookie” will be your downfall. It’s precisely the people who believe they are too smart to be manipulated who succumb the most easily. I have developed a narrative of “I’m extremely sensitive and impressionable, so I’m high-risk.” It helps you still feel very special yet protect yourself from the onslaught.

Rule #3: dedicate 2-3 days a week to a complete news and media blackout.

I succumbed to the corona-panic back in March, folks. I’m a hypochondriac and an OCD neurotic with a history of late-term pregnancy loss. It could have ended badly. But I used these strategies, blacked out the media, avoided FB, and saved my sanity.

Currently, the second part of this psy-op is being unleashed. So please, stay vigilant, and curate, curate, curate.