Don’t Feed the Trolls

I love TV. Love, love, love it. But in the early two thousands I disconnected it and didn’t have any service until the War on Terror scare-mongering ended. (It was before the social media era, so all the propaganda was on TV). I didn’t allow all those ridiculous Red Alerts that would crop up for no observable reason to occupy my brain.

I’m doing the same now. The “long COVID” and the attendant coups and insurrections aren’t going to reach me.

I highly recommend everybody do the same. We are feeding those bastards with our fear and anxiety.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Feed the Trolls”

  1. I’ve indulged in too much cynicism on your threads today. I think it’s warranted.. But I’m taking your advice. The BBC put out a highly rated mini series of Emma back the mid 90’s that I’ve never seen, some say it’s as good as A&E’s Pride & Prejudice. If that’s true, I’ll be in bliss for at least a week. Let the world fall a part, if I can still stream Emma, I’ll be fine.

    I’m also re-reading Dune right now, which I haven’t revisited since high school. It’s 20th Century, and it’s a about space fascists, but I think Harkonnen gets it in the end, if I remember.. And life always imitates art.. Sauron always fails, always falls. Evil always discoheres into its essential nothingness. That should give us all courage, heart. Say your prayers. We may have to suffer a little.. Maybe a lot. But suffering does not preclude joy. This nonsense will be over soon, the devil is not winning.

    (I have taken to asking who everyone’s favorite Austen heroine is. The boring common answer is Lizzy, but I am firmly in Emma’s camp.. )


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