Rules of Engagement with a Psy-op

When an aggressive psy-op is being conducted against you, you’ve got to protect yourself. Take measures. I’ve seen people turn into a cowering mess. It’s very sad.

Rule #1: curate your sources of information extremely carefully. Look at the lengths we go to in order to protect our bodies from a virus. We need to do the same to protect our minds.

Rule #2: the philosophy of “I’m such a special cookie” will be your downfall. It’s precisely the people who believe they are too smart to be manipulated who succumb the most easily. I have developed a narrative of “I’m extremely sensitive and impressionable, so I’m high-risk.” It helps you still feel very special yet protect yourself from the onslaught.

Rule #3: dedicate 2-3 days a week to a complete news and media blackout.

I succumbed to the corona-panic back in March, folks. I’m a hypochondriac and an OCD neurotic with a history of late-term pregnancy loss. It could have ended badly. But I used these strategies, blacked out the media, avoided FB, and saved my sanity.

Currently, the second part of this psy-op is being unleashed. So please, stay vigilant, and curate, curate, curate.

30 thoughts on “Rules of Engagement with a Psy-op”

  1. I posted this beneath Rod Dreher’s last post, in which he hysterically succumbs to the mainstream media narrative about what is happening now, calls for Trump’s impeachment, and accuses many of Trump’s supporters of being irrational conspiracy theorists.

    He’ll never approve it, and I’m not about to keep my mouth shut.. So I’ll post it here, because it’s relevant to your message:

    I dunno Rod. Back in 2002 I was telling everyone from Little Green Footballs to you that we were being gaslit and manipulated by sociopaths into a catastrophe in the Middle East on the basis of lies. 9/11 was turned into a massive psyops that drove the American people in their ignorance with fear, anger and manufactured hysteria into trillions of debt, the deaths and maiming of tens of thousands of Americans, as well as hundreds of thousands of Arabs and Muslims.

    All for the benefit of our good friends the Saudis, Gulf Emirates and Israelis.. As well as massive equity increases for hundreds of international plutocrats.. With subsequent substantial “trickle down” to their countless hirelings, venal political vassals, other assorted retainers, toadies..

    Not incidentally including those sycophants in the press who gleefully propagandized us into that vicious war. I’m not saying you were sycophantic, or that you were bought and paid for. But you did not listen to us. And you (apparently, I make the assumption in charity) clearly did not know crap about what you were advocating for.

    This is another such psyops. You are again being fooled.. Or, are once again playing the willing tool. I choose, in charity, to believe that you are just being your natural over sensitive prone to mild hysteria self, and not a cynical satanic propagandist.

    I’ll give you a few rhetorical syllogisms to ponder. “Pizza Gate” is a psyops. It has nothing to do with blood on pizza. It has everything to do with putative opsec failures on an incandescent scale by mostly Democratic politicians. Anthony Weiner, his laptop. Hillary Clinton, her private server. The DNC, the “Russiagate” wikileaks email drop. Hunter Biden’s laptop, the rumored Chinese hard drives with kompromat. There’s a rumor that Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats had laptops taken by operatives during the capitol raid last week.

    There are rumors upon rumors about all of that, involving perversion graft and treason, and maybe many of the rumors are nonsense. But some of them (at least) are not.

    I think everyone agrees that Jeffery Epstein was a pervert on a scale worthy reprising Gaius Petronius in multiple sequels: “Satyricon on the Potomac.” “Satyricon on the Hudson” “Satyricon on the Charles” “Satyricon on the Isle of St. James” – They’ll more than honor the spirit of “Satyricon on the Tiber” and “Satyricon on the Isle of Capri”, I’d bet.

    Notice how the “mainstream media” is studiously avoiding delving into Epstein and all the profound “elite” corruption that is clearly behind his career? That’s because Epstein was a creature of the CIA, MI6, Mossad, and some other extremely powerful people, and the media is their prostitute who can no more tell the truth about what is going on than a trafficked Ukrainian girl can flee MsB’s harem. Where will she go? The desert? Can she jump off the yacht and swim for shore?

    You cut the pus out of the festering tumor of sexual corruption in the Church. I thank you for that. You are warning us of imminent fascism. I’m sure you’re correct. But you counsel quiescence and retreat. And – what is worse – you uncritically accept the narratives of the corrupt “elite” who are very clearly our enemies. You are again victim – or purveyor – of the lie.

    Let me put this baldly: Donald Trump is corrupt. He is the longtime associate of sociopaths and gangsters, a showman and a grifter. The problem is that many of those sociopaths and gangsters are the very people now attacking him. Trump, the Kushners, the Clintons, the Kerrys, the Bidens, the Bushes, the DNC and RNC – they are all enmeshed in the same nexus of “elite” corruption. You’re a journalist, you worked at the NY Post. You know this.

    What is unrolling before us is either a circular firing squad of hitmen negotiating whether to shoot or walk away.. Or a demonic pantomime meant to manipulate the masses. Or – this is most likely – both.

    My question is how is it that you are apparently so naive? Is it to avoid crushing cognitive dissonance, or is it because you are being paid?

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      1. Like, rather than look at the news and see that yes, here are his own predictions playing out! He takes the Stockholm Syndrome route instead and goes for “Stop resisting, you’ll force them to hurt us! They didn’t really want to hurt us, but now you’ve gone and pushed them into it!”

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      2. ” I have had to stop reading Dreher for the time being”

        He’s a well-meaning hysterical drama queen, which means you either avoid him in times of crisis or sacrifice your own well-being running back and forth with smelling salts and new pillows for his fainting couch.

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      3. Two weeks off MSM – all of them, absolutely all of them – and one’s mind clears like it’s been freed from noxious fumes.

        Our civil rights are being taken away. Another War on Terror is beginning. This completely inane fixation on Trump days before Biden’s inauguration is a distraction tactic.


    1. Gosh, it’s definitely 2002 all over again. I remember how every time I timidly suggested that all those Red Alerts, Orange Alerts, etc were stupid, people would scream me down. Then they all forgot about it and now claim never to have been caught. I promise that in 10 years everybody will claim they never believed the more recent media scams either.


    2. I should note that Rod did finally, eventually post this. I’ve revised it here a bit from the original. It’s funny.. I’ve been a gadfly in Rod’s comboxes for a couple decades, now. I have deep sympathies with much of what he writes, and he often edifies. But I can’t help myself from prodding him, because I think he’s a complacent creature of his class. David Brooks’ opinion matters to him. I get that.

      He, Tucker Carlson, are at least on the surface interesting dissenting voices that seem authentic and jibe with my conscience and understanding. I appreciate them both.

      But I’m also skeptical of their provenance. Both are at least tangentially related to the CIA .

      Rod started at National Review, where Bill Buckley was the CIA’s conservative gatekeeper of acceptable discourse. Buckley was an agent himself, and got seed money and ongoing support and almost certainly orders from the Agency (“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” That’s the Agency’s scriptural motto, natch).

      Carlson says he applied to the Agency, and was rejected. I my gut says that’s probably hogwash.. But you know, I’m just some cynical crank in a combox, what do I really know? I say I know this: the major media, including the American Conservative, are funded by plutocracy, and they say nothing their patrons do not approve. Also, the CIA engages in constant infowar through the major media. These are seminal facts, and everyone needs to keep them in mind when listening anything establishment media spouts, no matter its supposed ideological bias.

      Indeed, nothing on the internet can ultimately be taken at face value. Foucault, Lyotard, Bernays, and Nietzsche were all very sick and evil men. But this is in fact their world, we just happen to be passing through it.

      It seems Rod is taking my more acerbic comments, and sitting on them. I wrote this in the early morning, about 4 a.m. It wasn’t posted until this afternoon. He wants to keep his combox discussions clean. I’m a bomb thrower, he wants my acrid stink to waft off in the distance. I think he also (naturally) wants to suppress criticism.

      But he did eventually put this up, at the tail end of the conversation, where few will read it. For that I thank and salute him. He’s got some integrity, I’ve never doubted it.

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  2. “Let me put this baldly: Donald Trump is corrupt. He is the longtime associate of sociopaths and gangsters, a showman and a grifter. The problem is that many of those sociopaths and gangsters are the very people now attacking him. Trump, the Kushners, the Clintons, the Kerrys, the Bidens, the Bushes, the DNC and RNC – they are all enmeshed in the same nexus of “elite” corruption. You’re a journalist, you worked at the NY Post. You know this.”

    I think with this statement you proved his point about the need to completely cut off Donald Trump from our lives. He is an agent of chaos who cares about nobody but himself; that has been plainly obvious the last four years.

    How we move on from this is another matter. But we definitely need to put Donald Trump and his craziness behind as quickly as possible, he’s doing incredibly damage to the United States at a time when China and its authoritarian model is rising.


    1. If he is impeached and removed, it will ultimately result in civil war and/or the dissolution of the Republic. Which is probably the occulted point of this entire kerfuffle, probably the cryptic objective of Trump’s presidency. Learn Chinese. We’re going to need it, soon.


      1. He won’t be impeached and removed because there is not enough time for a trial and removal. If he is impeached, he would be “removed” after he is no longer president.

        This move is more about preventing him from running for president again and continuing the current cycle of chaos.


        1. “preventing him from running for president again”

          it seems to be more a question of personal enmity…. and a big mistake, all those supporters aren’t going anywhere and removing the head will only be an invitation for someone worse… or they could just follow the lead of the CCP and open up camps for Trump supporters (I entertain myself by imaging what euphemistic name they might have… so far “Healing Center” is winning).


          1. A knitting group on FB is banning Trump voters under the rationale that Trump voters “don’t deserve to have nice things anymore.” I don’t care about knitting groups which, for some unfathomable reason, attract the craziest crazies, but the lisping, self-infantilizing language of “deserving to have nice things” drives me absolute nuts.

            I voted for Trump, as we all know, but since he lost the election and the courts, I haven’t looked at anything he has to say because what’s the point? Time to look at the future.

            But people keep obsessing over him. TDS is stronger than ever.


          2. “it seems to be more a question of personal enmity”

            Oh yeah, it’s definitely personal now. His most rabid and violent supporters won’t go away, but his brand is now toxic and he won’t have access to the same levers of power that he once did. That should significantly reduce his power and ability to project.


            1. See? This is exactly what I’m talking about. Trump occupies a gigantic space in your head rent-free. He’s completely irrelevant to your life but the psy-op operators have pressed a button and you don’t see it.


              1. In the meantime, Ron Paul, of all people, has been thrown off Facebook. Biden openly announces racial discrimination policies.

                But who cares? Let’s talk about TRUMP instead.


              2. Clarissa, the attack on the Capitol last week was very unprecedented and everybody is talking about it. It’s hard to ignore it. But you’re right and I do wish in a few weeks we never have to hear anything about Trump again.


              3. It wasn’t in the least unprecedented. The only reason we are told it was is to justify unprecedented measures of control and repression.

                The words “unprecedented” and “exceptional” always lead to repression. I’d recommend people read Giorgio Agamben but his prose is as indigestible as his explanations are valuable.

                A good rule of thumb is when people in power start using these words it means they are about to launch a massive assault on our rights.


        2. Chaos is good. Chaos is great. We had no chaos in the USSR. You guys are so fortunate. You don’t know what it’s like when there’s no chaos or possibility of it because everybody agrees with everything 100%.


            1. I’m against burning buildings and organizing CHAZes. But I’m even more against withdrawing civil rights from everybody to prevent the organizing of competing CHAZes.

              The greatest danger right now is the loss of our civil rights. That’s the real problem. Everything else is a distraction.


  3. “Rule #1: curate your sources of information extremely carefully. Look at the lengths we go to in order to protect our bodies from a virus. We need to do the same to protect our minds.”

    Couldn’t agree more. I see QAnon as a neurological virus that preys on vulnerable people. Once it takes hold it destroys critical thinking skills and opens them up for manipulation and violence as we saw recently. The question is, how do you fight this? People who curate their information and have reasonable critical thinking skills are not QAnon believers, but what do you do about those that are not?


    1. Let’s stop fretting about others and concentrate on ourselves. The CNN is a much more dangerous weapon for the psy-op than the utterly insignificant QAnon. The whole hullabaloo about Q is created on purpose to distract everybody from where the real damage is done.

      Worrying about “white supremacy,” Q, coups, fascism, and insurrections is the first symptom that the psy-op is being successful.

      Step away, breathe deep, visit a local library and stay in the pre-20th-century section.


      1. I don’t watch nor read CNN. I already know where they stand and what they are going to say. So boring.

        “Worrying about “white supremacy,” Q, coups, fascism, and insurrections is the first symptom that the psy-op is being successful.”

        The QAnon stuff is definitely having an effect on a significant number of people. It’s most definitely not a silly harmless conspiracy theory.

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        1. As my mother’s priest says when a parishioner starts concentrating on other people’s sins, “Child, let’s talk about saving your immortal soul. Leave other people in peace to figure things out as they will.”


  4. “attack on the Capitol last week was very unprecedented”

    Only if you ignore state governments and/or believe in American exceptionalism…

    You want unprecedented? This was unprecedented disdain for the American political system… and liberals cheered….

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      1. ” I’d say it’s not on the same level.”

        Pelosi was the first high ranking member of the government I’d ever seen just plain shit on the existing system in place for all my life (by which political enemies can be personal friends). It was a declaration of political war – and then she shrieks all over the place when people believed her. Words cannot describe how much I detest her (poltiically).
        The fact that she threw her working class hairdressers under the buss just emphasized what a snake she is.


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