What Centrism Looks Like

The unity-building Joe Biden keeps delivering. He now announced that he’s going to put in charge of the civil rights division at the DOJ… a person who thinks that some races are intellectually, physically and spiritually superior to others.

Yes, this person believes in superior and inferior races. This is extremely centrist and will bring oodles of tolerance and unity.

Can anybody explain how this person’s ideas are less crazy than the QAnon?

3 thoughts on “What Centrism Looks Like”

  1. I do think it’s worth noting she expressed these views in 1994 when she was about 18. But has she ever explicitly denounced her old views? These is incredibly vile, racist stuff we’re talking about.


  2. I would share this but since it’s on Fox my leftist friends would refuse to watch it or believe it. And if they did, they’d find a way to minimize it.

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