UFOs and Astrology

So if you find out that a person believes in UFOs and aliens, is that the end of the conversation for you? Or will you be able to take this person seriously on other subjects?

How about astrology? If a person seriously believes in astrology or Tarot, can you trust that she (it’s got to be a she like the UFO believer has got to be a he) can have insight into another topic?

What if the UFO believer or an astrologist is a nuclear physicist or a neurosurgeon? Does that change things? And if you say it’s impossible, you’ve got a lot to learn about human beings.

I’m not trying to make any analogies here. I’m simply interested in how people feel about it.

Transfer of Capital

Now let’s concentrate on why Democrats (the Left, social democrats, socialists, liberals, etc, etc) are creating racial tensions so aggressively.

The one and only goal of the Biden administration is to oversee the transfer of capital from the middle class to the oligarchy. It’s one of the largest and fastest transfers of capital in history. It’s a global phenomenon, and US Democrats are its American watchdogs.

How do you push millions of people out of the middle class and into the lumpen class without them noticing? The recipe is well-known: divide and conquer. Get the poor bastards you are robbing at each other’s throat and they won’t notice what you are doing.

So when you hear anybody talk about “whiteness,” “blackness,” “lives of particular color matter,” “BIPOC,” etc, please know that this is a person who is wittingly or unwittingly complicit with one of the largest transfers of capital to an oligarchy in history. That most of the people who do it are well-meaning and nice is beyond the point. Ignorance is not an excuse.

I witnessed a massive transfer of capital to an oligarchy after the fall of the USSR. It wasn’t as horrid as this because most of the capital was shuffled among different types of oligarchic ownership but it still sucked. The result was an explosion of criminality, bandit wars, and then, in Russia, an authoritarian rule by a violent, oppressive dictatorship that still continues. That I ended up benefiting from it and remember the post-Soviet 1990s lovingly doesn’t cancel the fact that many people suffered. I don’t want this for Americans.

85 Words

Today I spent 3,5 hours writing. The result is 85 words of text. And I didn’t even write them myself. I copied a quote and made a bibliographic entry for it.

But guess what? Eighty words a day turn into 500 by the end of the week and 2,000 by the end of the month. In 4 months, you’ve got your article, all ready to submit. Three articles a year, and you are a paragon of scholarly productivity in the Humanities.

That’s how I get to publish so much. A little bit every day is better than nothing every day. And it doesn’t usually take 3,5 hours to come up with one quote. I started a new article today, and that takes a lot of reading and thinking.

More of the Same

A large-scale transfer of capital always includes a withdrawal of welfare protections. Here’s an example:

Anybody who can pay will obviously grab their children and run away to the private schools. Or they’ll run away to homeschool. Both options reduce the capital these families possess. The money that was supposed to educate these children in public schools will be transferred to the companies making the vaccines (and then treating the side effects) and the companies effectuating surveillance and providing “online learning” to the children who are waiting for the vaccine or recovering from the vaccine.

The next step is to make sure that there are no private schools that aren’t owned by the digital oligarchy. It’s quite easy. Declare all Christian and Hebrew schools racist and transphobic and close them down for violations of the Civil Rights Act.

It really helps to look at these things as manifestations of one phenomenon. “Whiteness seminars” in the workplace and obligatory child vaccinations pursue the same goal.

I don’t believe that you should always look at the money but there are situations when things are really about the money. This is one of them.

At every stage of the process, it can still be stopped. But we need to want to stop it, and I see no widespread appetite for that.