85 Words

Today I spent 3,5 hours writing. The result is 85 words of text. And I didn’t even write them myself. I copied a quote and made a bibliographic entry for it.

But guess what? Eighty words a day turn into 500 by the end of the week and 2,000 by the end of the month. In 4 months, you’ve got your article, all ready to submit. Three articles a year, and you are a paragon of scholarly productivity in the Humanities.

That’s how I get to publish so much. A little bit every day is better than nothing every day. And it doesn’t usually take 3,5 hours to come up with one quote. I started a new article today, and that takes a lot of reading and thinking.

2 thoughts on “85 Words”

  1. Curious — do you have the structure and arguments already fully figured out when you start writing? If so, what do you write on the days when you draft outlines for the whole thing, before it’s all arranged in your mind?


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