Link of the Day

How the Trump campaign was robbed. It’s a great read.

P.S. But before anybody gets too self-righteous, on the other side we had this:

And we had it on every single level.

So everybody should sit quietly for a moment and think.

15 thoughts on “Link of the Day”

    1. They’re freaked out and scared and they’re hoping to make it illegal for him to fun in 2024…. (and it’s a diversion from other nasty stuff they’re doing/preparing).


      1. I don’t know. I used to think that might be the case, but when you look at the record, Trump has been incredibly beneficial to the Democratic party. A second run by Trump would once again provide a perfect boogeyman to rally against.


        1. Well, great then. If that’s the case, then celebrate. I’m not seeing much celebrating on the supposedly winning side. They seem deranged with rage and incessant pouting.


          1. “not seeing much celebrating on the supposedly winning side. They seem deranged ”

            Real winners are gracious to losers. That’s the traditional rule. But in this new neo-Soviet America that is clearly not the case.


              1. Their attacks. They’re on the offensive and Republicans are on the defensive. Republicans are having a very rough time right now, why would they stop squeezing now?


    2. Because the best thing that has ever happened to the Democrats is about to leave office. He already handed them the presidency, the house of representatives, and the senate. Now they want to make sure the Republican party is further split by having to choose whether to side with Trump or against him. By creating further division in the Republican party, they are better positioned for elections in 2022.


      1. I understand you are talking about the digital oligarchy but why are you referring to it as “he”? And when did that oligarchy get elected to any office?


      2. “the best thing that has ever happened to the Democrats is about to leave office”

        If that were the case…. then the last thing on Earth they’d want to do is to prevent him from running in 2024…. they’d be making undercover donations to him.
        Did you just fall off the Christmas Tree?
        (that’s the Polish version of ‘just fell off the turnip truck’)


        1. The aim of this impeachment attempt is not to remove him from office or prevent him from running again. We all know the chances of getting a 2/3 majority for that is near nil. The aim is the same as the last impeachment attempt, to continue to splinter the Republican party between pro-Trump and anti-Trump camps. It’s a classic divided and conquer strategy.


          1. No, the aim is still to distract us from the fact we are being robbed.

            Forget about Republicans for a moment. Let’s concentrate on our problems in the here and now. We are being thrown a bone of these partisan joys and tribulations and while we fight over it, WE ARE GETTING ROBBED.

            I’m already out the money I’ll have to pay in private schooling for my child. I’m a lot more interested in that over some struggle between splintered or non-splintered Republicans.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate the other articles on that site as well. We definitely need to foster our critical thinking skills. One big problem I see is determining truth is so difficult. When every writer has an opinion – how can we possibly get at it? It seems universally true that money and power corrupt. I have never thought Trump was the messiah (as so many do). Now I’m truly afraid of a civil war.

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