Transfer of Capital

Now let’s concentrate on why Democrats (the Left, social democrats, socialists, liberals, etc, etc) are creating racial tensions so aggressively.

The one and only goal of the Biden administration is to oversee the transfer of capital from the middle class to the oligarchy. It’s one of the largest and fastest transfers of capital in history. It’s a global phenomenon, and US Democrats are its American watchdogs.

How do you push millions of people out of the middle class and into the lumpen class without them noticing? The recipe is well-known: divide and conquer. Get the poor bastards you are robbing at each other’s throat and they won’t notice what you are doing.

So when you hear anybody talk about “whiteness,” “blackness,” “lives of particular color matter,” “BIPOC,” etc, please know that this is a person who is wittingly or unwittingly complicit with one of the largest transfers of capital to an oligarchy in history. That most of the people who do it are well-meaning and nice is beyond the point. Ignorance is not an excuse.

I witnessed a massive transfer of capital to an oligarchy after the fall of the USSR. It wasn’t as horrid as this because most of the capital was shuffled among different types of oligarchic ownership but it still sucked. The result was an explosion of criminality, bandit wars, and then, in Russia, an authoritarian rule by a violent, oppressive dictatorship that still continues. That I ended up benefiting from it and remember the post-Soviet 1990s lovingly doesn’t cancel the fact that many people suffered. I don’t want this for Americans.

13 thoughts on “Transfer of Capital”

  1. “why Democrats (the Left, social democrats, socialists, liberals, etc, etc) are creating racial tensions so aggressively”

    It fills with despair that so many don’t see this….. I can understand it a bit in conservatives but leftists buying into this crooked scheme is just….. typical. That’s what is, typical leftist defeatism.
    I’d really rather prefer that the land of my birth wasn’t becoming the 1990s version of the Soviet Union….
    Lots o’ blood gonna spill – and those who will be surprised are foooooooooools.

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  2. This is not related to Biden but is to the transfer of capital in some way. I think discussions of universities should include the demonization of books. It’s now not quite legal in my state to have books for a course that cost over $29. That’s right, $29. They keep raising tuition, and outsourcing everything, but course books are not to cost more than $29 per course. I mean, gawd, I don’t assign textbooks published by awful multinationals, I assign nice little books from nice little presses, but it’s just not realistic to get much below $50 per course (although books are also available in libraries), yet the ONE thing students are supposed to resent spending money on are books. And HONESTLY – if they cared that much, with the tuition they are charging they could throw a book voucher in with the registration materials, it wouldn’t cost ’em much. And NO, Scribd, etc., aren’t enough and/or aren’t right, and NO, for ethical reasons among others I am not going to scan all the books into the course management system.


    1. P.S. ONE meal at the cafeteria costs almost as much as a book for my course, and they don’t blink at 3 such meals a day plus coffee and whatnot.


    1. “Whatever fond feelings I had for Bernie are fully extinguished now:”

      The real Bernie finally came out imo.


    2. I do not know in which universe you thought Bernie would co-sign whatever Trump does, let alone hand-wave away what happened in the Capitol last week.


      1. We were hoping that Bernie would not cheer for the digital oligarchy and would defend our rights. But your obsession with Trump doesn’t let you notice that the real victim here is you, me, and every regular person. This past year we’ve been robbed of so much. But you folks are walking around in a daze, muttering trumptrumptrumptrump and seeing absolutely nothing but your idol because that’s what he is to you.

        David Bellamy didn’t manage to notice the destruction of over a third of all small businesses in this country. You are oblivious to the silencing of all the people who have absolutely nothing to do with Trump. I’m quite stunned you haven’t filled the thread on UFOs with Trump yet.


  3. Who actually owns most of the capital though? In South Africa the biggest owners of capital are middle classes because pension funds mostly invest in the stock market.


    1. On further investigation, Bezos owns about 10% of Amazon shares. Roughly 60% are owned by institutional investors such as mutual funds. I doubt if more than 20% of Amazon shares are owned by oligarchs. I would think that at least half and possibly as much as 80% of Amazon shares are owned by people generally considered middle class. If anything, I think this has been a transfer of wealth to middle classes from working classes.


    1. 40% of small businesses have closed for good in 2020. In the same year, Walmart, Facebook, Amazon and a couple of others saw an explosion in their profits.


      Because the money that those now extinct small businesses used to make now has gone to these corporations.


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