Old New Year

By the way, today is what we call “old New Year.” It’s December 31, 2020 according to the Julian calendar. In Ukraine, we celebrate it as the true end of the previous year.

Everybody who didn’t start the year right gets a redo!


Now, a little riddle for everybody.

Can you guess where the daughter of JB Pritzker is? Obviously, not in Illinois, the state her father keeps under lockdown.

She’s in Florida! The state that is so much better managed by a different governor. The kid needs to go to a normal school and practice her sport, so Florida it is.

Who was it that was saying these fat cats don’t know what they are doing? Apparently, they aren’t the idiots in this situation. We are.


The only place I’ve been recently where nobody mentioned COVID was my doctor’s office where I went for an annual checkup. Other than a question about wanting to get checked for Vitamin D levels, there was no mention of it.

It feels very refreshing.

I also have a suspicion that the doctor is now posting on social media how she finally had a patient who didn’t want to talk about COVID and how refreshing it is.

Radio Silence

As much as I absolutely love seeing myself on video, I hate hearing myself speak without video. I don’t have a good radio voice, and everything I have to say sounds idiotic without the accompanying facial expressions.

So I won’t be posting the link to my recent radio performance. I barely managed to listen to the first 3 minutes. It was horrid. I mean, everything I say is as brilliant as always, but the way I say it, jeez.

A Hectoring App

This is from an app that processes most college applications in the US:

It’s not enough that they charge you exorbitant fees, they also have to brainwash you into their insane cult while doing it.

In the USSR, you also couldn’t pee without getting brainwashed. Want some toilet paper? Recite the dogma, read the dogma, listen to the dogma! It was everywhere.


Friends, WordPress is glitching like crazy. Several times, I’d publish a brilliant post and then feel sad because there are zero comments. And then it would turn out that the post went into Drafts and never published.

Also, the app isn’t showing half of the comments. I went into the actual website today and found tons of great comments that the app isn’t showing.

Some longtime commenters are placed in moderation for no reason.

So if you feel silenced and ignored, please know that it’s one of those weird times when WP begins to glitch and weird things happen. It occurs regularly for no observable reason and then goes away.

I’m going to start a Telegram channel that will serve as backup, and in the highly unlikely case that the blog is cancelled on WordPress, we’ll move there.