Friends, WordPress is glitching like crazy. Several times, I’d publish a brilliant post and then feel sad because there are zero comments. And then it would turn out that the post went into Drafts and never published.

Also, the app isn’t showing half of the comments. I went into the actual website today and found tons of great comments that the app isn’t showing.

Some longtime commenters are placed in moderation for no reason.

So if you feel silenced and ignored, please know that it’s one of those weird times when WP begins to glitch and weird things happen. It occurs regularly for no observable reason and then goes away.

I’m going to start a Telegram channel that will serve as backup, and in the highly unlikely case that the blog is cancelled on WordPress, we’ll move there.

2 thoughts on “Glitchy”

  1. I’ve been having trouble with my WordPress site for months. I’ll follow your thoughts at Telegram. I am learning a lot from you. It feels cliche’ to say, “You are an excellent teacher” but you really are. Thank you for taking time and energy to educate people. Although I really still am trying to figure out the “psy op.” I read more about how one of the big goals from the oligarchy is humiliation. This website is religious but is also shaping my thinking.


  2. Have you looks at all the comments in UFOs and Astrology post?
    I linked to several potentially interesting Russian bloggers, one of them on FB.


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