Old New Year

By the way, today is what we call “old New Year.” It’s December 31, 2020 according to the Julian calendar. In Ukraine, we celebrate it as the true end of the previous year.

Everybody who didn’t start the year right gets a redo!

4 thoughts on “Old New Year”

  1. The new year is working out fine for me. Thanks to the stock market, which is ignoring the madness of Trump’s presidency, my net worth has blown through the roof.

    My taxes under the senile Democrat Biden are going to be VERY high.


  2. Speaking of Ukraine, this is a (at least partly) interesting video from a Ukrainian vlogger.
    I haven’t watched listened to the whole thing but

    at 3.50 she wonders if the purpose of lockdowns is to ‘teach’ people how to use online ordering…. smart girl….
    at 11.18 she says Ukrainians love freedom so much that they’ll take freedom even if it kills them…
    at 13.40 a couple of police stroll by and ignore all the violations of what’s going on (with masks and distancing)
    at 14.00 she describes how the gym her kids go to sent a message (they’re open but unofficially and people have to go in different entrance than usual)


    1. Well, I watched the entire video, and it looks like the citizens of Ukraine have less COVID restrictions (or at least are freer to violate them) than here in Arizona — not surprising since the daily death rate here in the desert sun is much higher than in the frigid East European winter.
      COVID has finally touched my life: Two thousand miles away in Tennessee, my 45-year-old niece’s partner has caught the virus, along with his 23-year-old daughter, and his middle-aged stepfather. My niece is still well, as am I.
      This morning I got an agitated phone call from my 52-year-old yards-keeper, who normally comes to trim my yard every week, telling me that he tested positive today, and is having multiple symptoms that are scaring him to death. He’s asking me for detailed medical advice that I’m loathe to give him, since I haven’t examined him and am not legally responsible for his care.
      It’s been 35 years since I needed to buy condoms, so I don’t know about their availability here in Metro Phoenix. Everything else — food, drink, toilet paper, Xmas cards, 2021 desk calendar — has been as easy to order for drop-off-at-front-door delivery as ever.
      So I’m surviving nicely, at high risk for complications (75 y.o.) but low risk for exposure (talk mostly with my cat and wear a mask when I have to interact with my fellow humans).
      The vaccine is coming, and it won’t be THAT hard for me to relearn basic social skills when life returns to normal…
      So I’m optimistic for 2021 despite the lunatic Democratic regime that’s about to take over the country. We’ll see.

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      1. “COVID has finally touched my life”

        I know directly or indirectly 7 people who have tested positive at one point or another.
        Only two had more than extremely trivial symptoms (one lost smell/taste for a time and the other had something like a cold but with lot of back pain but they made a full recovery).


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