Radio Silence

As much as I absolutely love seeing myself on video, I hate hearing myself speak without video. I don’t have a good radio voice, and everything I have to say sounds idiotic without the accompanying facial expressions.

So I won’t be posting the link to my recent radio performance. I barely managed to listen to the first 3 minutes. It was horrid. I mean, everything I say is as brilliant as always, but the way I say it, jeez.

8 thoughts on “Radio Silence”

  1. I rarely listen to videos (would’ve listened to yours with great pleasure), but when I do, it’s often while reading / doing something else, not watching the video too. So some readers wouldn’t have seen facial expressions anyway.

    Btw, I had the pleasure of listening to you once and utterly disagree with ‘sounds idiotic without the accompanying facial expressions.’ 🙂

    Don’t like how my voice sounds on phone or zoom too w/o connection to how I look. It just sounds very different from the way I hear myself speak in usual life. My mother said people simply don’t hear themselves speak the way they hear others, so listening to radio or phone creates the wrong impression ‘it’s not usual me.’

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      1. // You didn’t watch that talk?? You lost the best part of it, in my opinion.

        I actually did watch it, partly since I wanted to see you and others and partly since I feel watching helps me with listening comprehension which isn’t as good as I would like despite studying English for years. I have read a lot in English, not listened.

        However, had I not watched, the voice would’ve been 100% normal.

        Do you give radio interviews only about Spanish speaking world or about current US situation too?


        1. My interview is about the department I’m chairing. You’ve got to be suicidal to say anything in public about the current situation under your own name. Officially, I have no opinions and am blissfully uninformed and deeply ignorant.


  2. “everything I have to say sounds idiotic without the accompanying facial expressions”

    I kind of disagree. I haven’t listened to all of it (busy day) but what I did listen to was amazing in terms of… I don’t know how to describe it. It was an audio version of body language. The swings and swoops in intonation really make it come alive and I can easily picture gestures and facial expressions to match – whether those are exactly the facial expressions and gestures that you actually used is kind of irrelevant – it creates a vivid mind picture of enthusiasm and engagement).


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