Now, a little riddle for everybody.

Can you guess where the daughter of JB Pritzker is? Obviously, not in Illinois, the state her father keeps under lockdown.

She’s in Florida! The state that is so much better managed by a different governor. The kid needs to go to a normal school and practice her sport, so Florida it is.

Who was it that was saying these fat cats don’t know what they are doing? Apparently, they aren’t the idiots in this situation. We are.

2 thoughts on “Riddle”

  1. Does anyone think someone like Pritzker would allow his daughter (even if she’s an adult) to be there if he didn’t think it was safe?
    In Poland a member of the government (a really nasty piece of work) just went skiing with her family despite the government closing ski slopes….
    If the people at the top don’t believe this is that dangerous…. why should anyone else?


    1. That’s the point I keep making! Pritzker knows there’s absolutely no danger to a very young woman to go to school and practice sports. We recently had a teenage football player kill himself here in Illinois because he was depressed with loneliness and not being able to play. The contrast between him and Pritzker’s daughter who’s been spared all this is stunning.


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