Envious of Mexico

Unlike the US, Mexico has a real Left:

In the US, the only leftist who believes in standing up to corporate censorship is Glenn Greenwald. And he isn’t even in the US anymore.

Pearls for Kamala

Eeeeeh…. I’m not sure they considered all of the implications of this suggestion:

I don’t like the woman but there’s no need to. . . erm. . . engage in this kind of innuendo either.

P.S. For those who don’t know, Harris began her political career as a mistress of a very old, very married politician who paid her off for her . . . pearl necklaces by giving her a start in politics.

P.P.S. Please don’t tell me I’m the only perv on this website who knows about pearl necklaces.

Liberals Ban Sex

In Quebec, sex with people who aren’t already living with you is effectively illegal. Because any communication with people outside of your household except for purposes of buying food and getting medical treatment is prohibited.

N says this must be a great relief for people who are sexually unpopular because now they have the perfect excuse. “It’s not that nobody wants me. I’m saving liiiiiives here!”

But it’s really funny how the greatest victories against the sexual revolution and in favor of family values have been achieved by the most liberal governments on the continent. There’s not a single crazy Bible-thumping Evangelical preacher who can boast of such an enormous success. Not married? No sex for you, dirty bastard.

Short History of Crime in the USSR, Part II

In the US we are seeing the following system being put in place. The entire country is divided into two camps. The first is the larger one where people are persecuted and punished constantly by the socially close criminals who are allowed to run loose. This will keep the victims constantly fearful and easy to control.

The second one will be protected from the street crime but will be kept completely subservient and compliant through the terror of being cancelled for ideological crimes and ending up in the crime-ravaged poor side of town.

See? It helps to know about other places and times.

Short History of Crime in the USSR, Part I

In the GULAG, prisoners were officially subdivided into two categories: the socially distant and the socially close.

The socially close were what we call common criminals. Murderers, gangsters, rapists, robbers, thieves. They got preferential treatment and were allowed to torture the socially distant prisoners, stealing their food and belongings.

The socially distant prisoners were those jailed for political crimes.

This was an official policy. It was considered that a common criminal could be rehabilitated. The theory was that a criminal only ever committed crime because he had been oppressed by structural racism the unjust capitalist system or by the remnants of bourgeois mentality that still existed in the USSR. A criminal belonged to a favored social class and had to be treated as a brother, not an enemy.

But political prisoners were class enemies and deserved no mercy. There were frequent amnesties for all categories of common criminals but never any for the political prisoners. Of course, what made you a political prisoner could be something extremely trivial. If you had a party at your house and only played music records and no records of Stalin’s speeches – or not enough records of Stalin’s speeches, or you looked inattentive while listening to the records of Stalin’s speeches, or didn’t stand up fast enough when a record of Stalin’s speeches was played at a house party – that officially made you worse than a convicted career criminal with a record from here to infinity.

Of course, both groups were in jail. Stalin wasn’t a US Democrat. He didn’t want criminals running around and terrorizing people in the streets. The ones he amnestied went back in fast enough when they reoffended.

There was one exception, though. Stalin allowed a culture of heightened criminality to exist during Hitler’s invasion and for a couple of years immediately after. The reason was that the population needed to be schooled into not questioning the early failures in the war. Street crime pushes people closer to supporting authoritarian rule. They become more willing to accept a limit on their civil freedoms in hopes that the authoritarians will make the streets safe.

Surveillance Capitalism Update

Here’s a great link on surveillance capitalism. Read it.

And then reread it, keeping in mind everything we have learned in the past week about the digital oligarchy wanting to impose ideological conformity and its efforts to brand dissidents as domestic terrorists.

After you have completed this exercise, ask yourself this. Is there anybody in the political space who cares about this? Anybody who wants to do anything to stop it?

Absolutely anybody can be branded too unsafe to exist by the people holding these vast troves of data. This is the most serious issue of our times. Not silly little COVID, not imaginary coups or entertainment impeachments. This is our greatest danger. We need a completely new bill of rights for the digital era. Everything else is a distraction tactic.

Currently, one of our two parties is cheering on the digital oligarchy’s ascent to power because it thinks the oligarchs will reward it for its loyalty. The other party we have is too dumb and outdated even to notice what’s going on.

We need new representatives. People whose brains aren’t glued to the antiquated conflicts of the twentieth century. People who have freed themselves from the sticky goo of arguments over fascism-Nazism-communism-socialism-freemarkets. People who can analyze the current moment without constantly trying to find something “just like it” a hundred years ago.