A Moment of Bothsiderism

God, I hope Republicans don’t respond to all of this ridiculousness by trying to impeach Biden. Everybody is tired of this circus. Just get to work already, you overpaid drama queens and useless self-promoting bastards on both sides.

7 thoughts on “A Moment of Bothsiderism”

  1. It’s a given they will impeach Biden. Most of the Republican house members objected to certifying the election. What are the odds the Republicans win the House back in two years?

    The only real question is whether McConnell will try to whip his caucus into getting rid of Trump because they can’t really get any more from him or whether it serves him more not to convict Trump. McConnell would like to die as the Senate Majority Leader. Whatever he thinks will put him back as Senate Majority Leader that’s what he’ll do.


    1. The crazier the news cycle is, the more people spend on Google and social media, the faster AI algorithms are perfected. Being duped by these impeachments, coups, etc is helping Silicon Valley beat China! So at least it’s patriotic. Khm, khm.


    2. Nah, Someone will propose it, but there won’t be enough support to make it happen. Most Republicans are abject cowards and pampered establishment pets, who are relieved to have Trump out and a safe insider in the captain’s chair. Biden’s not a threat to their investments in China and Lockheed…


      1. “Biden’s not a threat to their investments in China”

        Biden – the concentration camp friendly president…. does he really have Jewish supporters? Isn’t that beyond… insane?


  2. Well I’m sure one little bit of motivation for the first impeachment was the brain-dead republican impeachment of Bill Clinton for having consensual extra-marital sex with Monica Lewinsky in his office….

    It’s the tit-for-tate tango… “You impeach one of ours, cha cha cha, we’ll impeach one of yours, cha cha cha…”


    1. It definitely was on Kavanaugh’s mind when he started ranting about “revenge on behalf of the Clintons.” Now, I had read the Starr Report when it came out and wondered the WTF he was talking about. Apparently he was a principal author of the bad government produced porn?


      1. “a principal author of the bad government produced porn”

        I successfully managed to not know that and now you’ve gone and ruined it. Expect no thanks. At least (according to an NPR story) he didn’t write the dirty parts (like the an-l|ngus…).

        The main takeaway now is that impeachment is no big deal… happens too frequently for people to take it seriously anymore (especially when Nancy “my hairdressers are criminals!” Pelosi is involved…


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