Liberals Ban Sex

In Quebec, sex with people who aren’t already living with you is effectively illegal. Because any communication with people outside of your household except for purposes of buying food and getting medical treatment is prohibited.

N says this must be a great relief for people who are sexually unpopular because now they have the perfect excuse. “It’s not that nobody wants me. I’m saving liiiiiives here!”

But it’s really funny how the greatest victories against the sexual revolution and in favor of family values have been achieved by the most liberal governments on the continent. There’s not a single crazy Bible-thumping Evangelical preacher who can boast of such an enormous success. Not married? No sex for you, dirty bastard.

2 thoughts on “Liberals Ban Sex”

  1. Ha! Yes that’s been the law for almost a year now in San Francisco as well. Liberal utopia indeed.
    I don’t know anyone following that though, so it’s all just theater.

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    1. In Quebec, fines for being caught with somebody who doesn’t live with you are between $4,000 and $10,000. So I’m guessing people are falling in line fast.


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