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Everything in this story on child abuse in the classroom is priceless, everything. I can’t isolate any part of it because it’s too good.

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      1. “Asian. They have the advantage of not being easily targeted by an accusation of being white supremacists”

        Well there is the new term “white adjacent” applied to them, meant, I assume, to let them know they’re first overboard if the waves get too choppy or the rations too light on the SS Wokeness.

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        1. There’s a reason why the term POC was trashed in favor of BIPOC. Latinos are voting republican in bigger numbers and Asians seem to be doing just fine in this country despite WHITE SUPREMACY, so that spoils the narrative. So they need to be booted.

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        2. Won’t it be super cute when Slavs are declared non-white and Asians white? Then the transformation of “white” into a term that means “intelligent” and “law-abiding” will be complete.

          (For the particularly gifted: I’m completely opposed to the term white meaning brilliant and law-abiding. Direct your objections to the race theorists who are working to make it so).


            1. From the linked document, “The Slavic community is defined as those from the former Soviet Union.” That’s a cute definition. Clearly, while all Slavs are equal, some are more equal than others.


              1. Also, is everybody from the former USSR now a Slav? Because we had millions of very non-white (in the traditional sense) people over there.

                It’s all nuts.


            2. It’s got to be a joke. I mean, yay, solidarity, but what color are the massively blond, blue-eyed Slavs?

              There’s truly nothing more insane than wokesterism.


            3. I’m reading the entire thing. It just gets crazier and crazier.
              Why not use words like ‘prejudice’ and ‘xenophobia’ instead of ‘racism’ and rewriting Slavs as people of colour? We have various words such as ‘immigrant’, ‘minority’, ‘refugee’ that can convey concern for a group without rewriting reality.
              Do people self-identify as part of the Slavic community?

              Then I got to this bit; “must be respected for their use of corporal punishment as it is an essential ingredient in their parenting skills” and was horrified.

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              1. That’s a good question. I’ve never met anyone who identified as a Slav or thought there was a community. I love the Poles and the Slovaks but I never felt any commonality with them.

                In my country, at least when I was growing up, most parents beat their children. Mine didn’t but that was unusual. My husband’s parents beat their children and each other all the time.


  1. Андрей Илларионов –

    Я более не работаю в Институте Катона.
    Как сообщил мне вице-президент Института, причиной является содержание постскриптумов, присоединенных к моему посту в этом блоге «Поджог Рейхстага» – 2021.
    Когда я был приглашен на работу в Институт Катона, на регулярно задаваемые вопросы, какова позиция Института по тому или иному вопросу, ответ руководства всегда был одним и тем же: «У Института нет иной позиции, кроме защиты индивидуальной свободы. По любым вопросам есть не позиция Института, есть разные позиции сотрудников Института, на выражение которых они имеют полное право».
    Сейчас этот подход изменился.
    Как я уже не раз говорил, свобода слова является фундаментом, исходной точкой, свободного общества.


  2. ” I’ve never met anyone who identified as a Slav or thought there was a community”

    A Polish related forum I sometimes visit has a (non-Polish) member who’s always trying to rouse some kind of Pan-Slavic spirit to the amusement and/or befuddlement of anyone who knows Polish attitudes. There’s an awareness that there are similar languages around and cultures that are maybe a bit less similar and occasional identification as Slavic but it’s seen more as one influence out of many and not anything to join
    And there are some in denial: I remember years ago an otherwise educated young woman told me she thought the closest language in Europe to Polish was…. French and then Latin


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