Pearls for Kamala

Eeeeeh…. I’m not sure they considered all of the implications of this suggestion:

I don’t like the woman but there’s no need to. . . erm. . . engage in this kind of innuendo either.

P.S. For those who don’t know, Harris began her political career as a mistress of a very old, very married politician who paid her off for her . . . pearl necklaces by giving her a start in politics.

P.P.S. Please don’t tell me I’m the only perv on this website who knows about pearl necklaces.

12 thoughts on “Pearls for Kamala”

  1. In my culture brides are not supposed to wear pearls because it predicts a lot of tears in later life. So, she can wear her stupid pearls for her maiden outing as US most hated vice president. I don’t care about her and their stupid antics with her shoes or garments. She is a one horse phony.

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  2. Unlike most people here, I knew what a pearl necklace was, and, feeling a bit edgy, went to twitter to see what kind of jokes everyone was making.

    The first comment was in regards to the black pearls she is wearing, about which someone declared that she had gotten her normal pearls mixed up with her “ass beads”.

    No longer feeling edgy in any way, I closed the twitter window and that was that.

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  3. It’s hard for Americans of a certain age to not know what a “pearl necklace” is due to this 1981 ZZ Top song, for which I believe they received a Humanitas Prize…


  4. Well, I kind of knew what “pearl necklace” is, but I did not have any dirty thoughts until I read your post to the end. First I took it pretty literally and though that Democrats seem to not understand that the call to support somebody by wearing pearls (I thought of real pearls) sounds kind of elitist… I know some pearls are not that expensive, but still, pearls are historically associated with wealth…

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