Short History of Crime in the USSR, Part II

In the US we are seeing the following system being put in place. The entire country is divided into two camps. The first is the larger one where people are persecuted and punished constantly by the socially close criminals who are allowed to run loose. This will keep the victims constantly fearful and easy to control.

The second one will be protected from the street crime but will be kept completely subservient and compliant through the terror of being cancelled for ideological crimes and ending up in the crime-ravaged poor side of town.

See? It helps to know about other places and times.

2 thoughts on “Short History of Crime in the USSR, Part II”

  1. Having lived in a Western nation where almost precisely that system has been put into place, I’d like to add that a portion of the population – typically white, traditional conservatives & business people – get really really upset and sometimes engage in violence against both the groups terrorizing them (BLM, disadvantaged ethnic minorities etc) and against politicians directly.

    If or as this system falls into place, keep your eye out for security measures protecting politicians eg bodyguards, great discretion regarding meeting places/festivities etc. since the incidents are rarely published about.


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