Surveillance Capitalism Update

Here’s a great link on surveillance capitalism. Read it.

And then reread it, keeping in mind everything we have learned in the past week about the digital oligarchy wanting to impose ideological conformity and its efforts to brand dissidents as domestic terrorists.

After you have completed this exercise, ask yourself this. Is there anybody in the political space who cares about this? Anybody who wants to do anything to stop it?

Absolutely anybody can be branded too unsafe to exist by the people holding these vast troves of data. This is the most serious issue of our times. Not silly little COVID, not imaginary coups or entertainment impeachments. This is our greatest danger. We need a completely new bill of rights for the digital era. Everything else is a distraction tactic.

Currently, one of our two parties is cheering on the digital oligarchy’s ascent to power because it thinks the oligarchs will reward it for its loyalty. The other party we have is too dumb and outdated even to notice what’s going on.

We need new representatives. People whose brains aren’t glued to the antiquated conflicts of the twentieth century. People who have freed themselves from the sticky goo of arguments over fascism-Nazism-communism-socialism-freemarkets. People who can analyze the current moment without constantly trying to find something “just like it” a hundred years ago.

2 thoughts on “Surveillance Capitalism Update”

  1. Keeping the vast the data on every human is a huge resource and energy expenditure. Think of the materials to produce the servers and the energy to run them and to cool them. What’s funny, the phony environmentalists never push for the data erasure to reduce the carbon footprint. They’d rather scream at you to stop eating steak.


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