Movie Notes: Ida Lupino’s The Bigamist

In the pursuit of my goal to alleviate the burden of my cinematographic cretinism, I bought a book titled 1,001 Movies to See Before You Die. I opened it at random, and found a movie called The Bigamist from 1953. It starts Edmond O’Brien, Ida Lupino, Joan Fontaine, and Edmund Gwenn. I have no idea who these people are but they are very good actors. The plot is very simple, and there isn’t much to the movie but the acting, which I like. I vastly prefer movies that are held together by the acting. What I don’t get is why everybody speaks with a vaguely British accent.

The main character of the movie is a traveling salesman. Apparently, they made great salaries, $180,000 in today’s money. But it was a sad, lonely, peripatetic life. So the salesman cheated on his chic executive wife with a working class girl and tried to fix the whole situation by marrying her. But everybody was a very good, decent person. There’s no happy ending and no easy answers. Where did that movie industry of talented people doing good work even go?

One movie down, a thousand more to go!