Decolonize Your Brain

We are three minutes away from armed guards on the borders between states. I’m telling you, folks, this will keep getting worse until every single person sincerely scoffs at woke slogans. Until that happens, we are at the mercy of these bastards.

Learned Helplessness Continues

So the student I’m trying to give money to failed to enter his information into the system.

I found somebody to do an override and enter it for him, so OK.

Then I email him to ask for his mailing address to mail a check. A money check. With money. I’m trying to give money to him, right?

He responds with “my address is 19 Willow Street.” That’s it. No city, no state, no zip code. There’s a million of these little towns here and across the river in Missouri. How many of them have a Willow Street, in your estimation?

This is an adult. And he’s not familiar with the concept of a mailing address. I couldn’t wrangle a zip code out of him for a week. It’s OK, I got it from the Registrar, I’m not helpless at least.

But people keep saying, “let 16-year-olds vote.” I don’t think they have any idea what they are dealing with here.

This is why I’m saying just cancel school. They teach absolutely nothing at that school, so who cares?