Link of the Day

How the most disadvantaged kids get educated in public schools.

The Thrill of Trump

These people are certifiably nuts:

The article was originally titled “I Miss the Thrill of Trump” but then, of course, it was edited. We all know, however, that the title was completely sincere. The #Resistance felt that Trump gave meaning to their insignificant, boring lives. I’m very sad for them because people who seek meaning outside of themselves will never stop being miserable. I don’t like the Biden administration but the chances of me feeling that this dislike makes me a hero of Omaha Beach are nil.

Sad, miserable, empty people who have no idea what a healthy, mature human psyche even is.

Loser Strategy

Complaining about the double standard or the unfairness of what is happening is loser strategy. So is the “but they lied!” line.

It’s very attractive. It feels amazing. But it’s how your opponent drains your strength and feeds on your energy.

It’s a self-defeating habit that’s extremely hard to give up.