Bombs Away

What? Biden already started bombing Syria?

Gosh, I thought he’d try to restrain himself for a couple of months at least.

Cool to be back to the hawkish military policy, eh?

And hey, second day in a row of Biden making presents to Putin. First, he caves on Nordstream 2, now he bombs out Syria. But remember, he’s not Putin’s spy. The guy who refused to give Putin these gifts is.

Hey, people who voted for Biden. Are you getting what you voted for? I hope you are enjoying the bombs. There will be a lot more.

Another Hoax

NYTimes uncharacteristically put out a good article. Read it before it gets erased. The article details one of the “living while black” hoaxes. What I find curious is that there’s always a class aspect in these hoaxes. A bunch of rich, pampered people hound some poor working-class schmuck for fun, and everybody cheers.

I also highly recommend paying attention to the reaction of the ACLU to the hoax as it’s detailed in the article. It’s stunning. But not in a good way.

COVID: The New Opioid Epidemic

This thread on the truly bizarre genesis of COVID is a must-read.

Folks, remember the opioid epidemic? It’s still happening, so it shouldn’t be that hard to remember even in this 1984 reality where people’s memories seem to be erased daily.

The entire opioid epidemic happened because of one footnote in one obscure article in one medical journal that was erroneously interpreted to say that opioids aren’t addictive. It was a profitable idea, so for the next 20 years, the entire US medical establishment operated under the assumption that opioids aren’t addictive. And people started dying in such numbers that life expectancy trends were reversed.

The medical establishment has now recognized its mistake. Whoop-dee-doo. But this does nothing for those who died and are still dying. It does nothing for Mexico which is ravaged by the cartels that arose to feed the demand created by that one stupid footnote.

What we are doing right now is an opioid epidemic to the power of an exploding sun. We are preparing to put into our own and our children’s bodies something completely untested with unknown side effects on the strength of what amounts to less than that footnote. And when the medical establishment recognizes – like it did with opioids – that it made a mistake, how is that going to help?

Please read the thread. Nobody even tried to explain any of these strange occurrences. We are being pushed into something potentially terrible for reasons that nobody has bothered to explain.

What’s Happening in Israel

There’s been a large protest against anti-vaccination passports in Israel, which is good. Still, Netanyahu promises to pump everybody, including children, of these vaccines every six months. Because they work so well that you need to be a lifelong patient.

With all due respect to reader el, the population of Israel is one of the most brainwashed populations on Earth. Things are worse in North Korea but not by much.

There’s no doubt that Israelis will consent to the passports and the regular poisoning of children. And then all of us will be clubbed over the head with how we need to follow suit because “it works in Israel.”

People who irresponsibly cheer the horror happening in Israel should understand that it’s a trial run for what will be done to them.