Welcome to the New Reality

So eBay banned the sale of the cancelled Dr Seuss books and YouTube banned Trump’s CPAC speech.

Welcome to the technocratic totalitarianism.

Who Shuts up the President?


Actually, the feed was cut after he said “if that’s what I’m supposed to do.”

This is extremely disturbing. Why is anybody cutting off the sitting president? Why does the president forget where he is and what he’s supposed to be doing twice in one week?

Call Your Senator

Bill HR1 is horrid. It destroys American democracy. Please call your Senator (it already passed the House) if you want anything resembling democracy to exist in this house. What does it do? It obligates every future election to look like the 2020 election.

This should be reported as news #1, yet we are being purposefully distracted by non-news about Cuomo, masks in Texas, etc. There will be no more elections (or anything worthy of the name) if HR1 passes.

Forget the silly chatter about minimum wage or college loans. Nobody cares about your loans. This bill is the starting point to the remaking of our political system into an oligopoly.

P.S. People who read the CNN coverage to find out what HR1 is are idiots and should bugger off.

Childhood Skills

In Mike Omer’s book a 5-year-old girl calls her mother on the phone. It really stuns me. My kid is very smart but she wouldn’t be able to talk on the phone, let alone dial a number.

She can read a map, though. We were on a hiking trail yesterday. She saw one of those roadside maps and immediately figured out which road to take to go where we needed. She also loves drawing maps and can do it for hours.