Good Dad and a Hypocrite

Gosh, this is hilarious. Know this fellow?

He’s one of the biggest proponents of lockdowns and school closures. When schools closed, he moved his family to a retreat in Austria, so that his kid could attend school in person. The poor mite was suffering from depression after being stuck in Zoom jail seven hours a day.

The guy is a good dad and a stinky hypocrite. Don’t have money for a European retreat destination? Screw you, stupid prole.

It’s not quite as funny as the Illinois governor Pritzker sending his daughter to attend an in-person school in Florida while loudly denouncing the governor of Florida, but it’s running a close second.

It’s All About Job Wars

A really great article from Bari Weiss that ends as follows:

I have a friend in New York who is the mother to a four-year-old. She seems exactly the kind of parent these schools would want to attract: a successful entrepreneur, a feminist, and a diehard Manhattanite. She’d dreamed of sending her daughter to a school like Dalton. One day at home, in the midst of the application process, she was drawing with her daughter, who said offhandedly: “I need to draw in my own skin color.” Skin color, she told her mother, is “really important.” She said that’s what she learned in school.

My kid’s best friend is from Africa. They were drawing themselves the other day, and my daughter drew herself as black. The friend drew herself as white. They love to imitate each other’s accents and swap clothes, hairstyles, and mannerisms. Their parents are teaching them the exact opposite lesson than the girl in Weiss’s article is getting. I’ll let you decide which kid will find it more comfortable to be around friends of all races.

The article is making the same point I’ve made for years. The wokespeak, all these structural racisms, etc cannot be understood outside the context of job wars. This is all about generating a set of cultural codes that limit job competition. Good jobs go to people who have the money and leisure to learn the constantly shifting woke speech and behavior codes.

It’s absolutely identical to the complex mannerisms of the British gentry that allowed it to exclude anybody with the “wrong accent” or an insufficient knowledge of which fork to use at what point of the meal. And these expensive schools Weiss is talking about are the equivalent of Eaton where the gentry was taught how to exclude the proles.

And to reiterate the point that I made earlier today, every time you use these woke expressions or grant any validity to the woke dogma, you are wittingly or unwittingly strengthening this extremely unfair class structure. Imagine yourself as a clueless countess in Downton Abbey who is curling her lip at the servants. That’s who you become the second you start taking all these “decolonisations of the curriculum” and “BIPOC womxn” seriously.

Get Your Own Candy

Brendan O’Neill has a great article in Spiked about the Megan Markle cult:

But what is indisputable is that a weird, unsettling and censorious atmosphere of religiosity now surrounds the Duchess of Sussex. The cultural elites have beatified her. They’ve made her the patron saint of critical race theory, the goddess of wokeness. To venture a criticism of this high priestess of correct thought is to risk cancellation. Questioning her ‘truth’ is to 2021 what questioning the truth of the Bible was to 1521.

There is an important part he forgets to mention, though. It wasn’t the elites that gave mass viewership to Markle’s idiotic interview with Oprah. It wasn’t the elites that have been consuming every article about her and filling all social media with endless references to her.

Markle is building her personal brand. She does what sells. If the interview had low ratings, she’d find a new strategy. But how can anybody criticize her for following the money and doing what works? It’s up to us to not buy into her grift, and we are failing.

Elites, schmelites. It isn’t the elites that dragged people to the TV sets and made them watch. It isn’t the elites that make people rat out their neighbors in Montreal or wave green passports in Israel. It isn’t the elites that bought into every COVID lie because they couldn’t be buggered to google any actual science. It isn’t the elites that kept their kids locked up all through the summer to feed their neuroses. We collectively make it profitable to be a Markle or a Cuomo, and then we moan about the evil elites. If a drug dealer sells you drugs, yes, he’s an evil bastard. But if you didn’t show up with cash in hand, he wouldn’t have a customer.

Nobody will bring us our intellectual and physical freedom on a platter, so let’s stop pouting about that and take it ourselves. These days, whenever I hear the word “elites,” it sounds like “I want some candy but mommy is mean and won’t give me any.” We need to get our own damn candy already.

Replaying Trauma

Instead of yellow stars, Israelis put on green labels, handed their kids over for medical experimentation to a bunch of eager Dr Mengeles, and put themselves into a camp with the words “vaccination macht frei” at the gate.

It’s actually not shocking. People with untreated psychological trauma will engineer situations where something akin to the trauma can be replayed until it feels safe.