Friend Brag

Do you have any friends you constantly hang out with in person whom you’ve never seen in a mask and they’ve never seen you in a mask?

I do.

Rebranding Gene Therapy

Moderna CEO says mRNA shots are “rewriting the genetic code.” He calls it “information therapy”, and says “We are actually hacking the software of life.”

For those who can’t be bothered to google, the Pfizer and Moderna “COVID vaccines” are mRNA shots.

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The timeline is clear. This technology was created. A pretext was needed to force millions to try it out simultaneously before the long-term effects became clear. A rebranding had to be conducted to substitute the expression “gene therapy” with “vaccine.” Government agencies had to be convinced to remove liability for any consequences for the makers of the gene therapy.

COVID was the pretext of choice. Could have been anything else.

The funniest thing is that this isn’t the first time this is being done. The mechanisms used to organize the opioid epidemic were identical. That one wasn’t global but, other than that, the similarities are eerie. Anybody who wondered about the consequences of prescribing a months-long supply of opioids for minor pain was also called a conspiracy theorist. The rebranding of “opioid” into “just a painkiller” is very similar to today’s “it’s just a vaccine.”

And you know what’s really funny? The argument for the aggressive use of opioids was. . . ready for it? . . . that there was an EPIDEMIC of pain that required ditching all medical protocols and prescribing Oxycodone in large doses. Remind you of anything? An epidemic. Doctors were told they would be sued and have hospital privileges removed if they refused to treat the EPIDEMIC with this very new and untested treatment.

Do read Sam Quinones’s investigative report Dreamland and tell me if the whole thing isn’t eerily recognizable.