Friend Brag

Do you have any friends you constantly hang out with in person whom you’ve never seen in a mask and they’ve never seen you in a mask?

I do.

18 thoughts on “Friend Brag

  1. Do you remember how a person who wanted to find out why male black students often don’t graduate was silenced?

    S/he was lucky it ended at that. See:

    // Georgetown Law professor is fired after saying black students are ‘plain at bottom of her class almost every semester’ and her colleague is suspended for failing to correct her after they accidentally recorded their zoom chat

    The video shows Sellers talking with Batson in what she believed was a private conversation about the performance of a black student in a class they both teach.

    ‘You know what? I hate to say this, I end up having this angst every semester, that a lot of my lower ones are blacks,’ the adjunct professor of mediation and negotiation continues.

    The Black Law Student Association … issued a statement …

    ‘These racist statements reveal not only Sellers’ beliefs about black students in her classes, but also how her racist thoughts have translated to racist actions. Professor Sellers’ bias has impacted the grades of black students in her classes historically, in her own words,’ the statement said.



  2. Yes, I do. In fact I have more than one. We have been hanging out since last summer. I live in a blue state and wear mask when I see unknown people or go to the grocery store. I also plan to get vaccinated when it is available. It doesn’t have to be black and white. You can choose what you are conformable with from all the advises and that’s ok.


    1. You can choose until you can’t. The whole problem with these “vaccines” is that people will be forced to take them against their will. If this were all completely voluntary, nobody would have a problem. But none of it is.


      1. I have two friends, they are husband and wife. But I don’t see them constantly, as they live an hour away. But ever since the stay at home order was lifted in May we’ve been getting together whenever we can, no masks in sight. It was like a breath of fresh air when we saw them and we all voiced how insane this all was. Our girls play together like normal children. I wish they lived closer, we would be at the playground together every day if that were the case.


  3. It’s not required here, so… nobody in my immediate or extended family, whom we hang out with all the time, bothers with masking. They put up with it at work for the sake of being employed, but they’re not about to do it anywhere else.

    Clarissa, we took the kids to their first rodeo recently — just a quick estimate of the crowd in the stands: there were at least five or six hundred people in attendance, and in the whole melee, I saw only two families of people in masks: maybe eight total, but they were all clearly there together so perhaps dealing with an immunocompromised grandparent or something. Not an anxious, germ-phobic bunch of people generally. Even the old dude playing greeter at the gate (with the oxygen tube in his nose!) wasn’t masked.

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    1. I’m so happy to read this comment, I might cry. Good for you! So great for the kids! Happy, happy kids. I’m not even envious. I’m just happy that somebody gets to experience this.

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  4. Do you remember a French teacher beheaded last year after allegedly showing a picture of naked Muhammad during a class on free speech and blasphemy? Turns out he didn’t do it and it was all a lie spread by 13-year-old problematic student with a long history of suspensions. You don’t even have to do a thing to be beheaded in some countries.

    Btw, it seems university profs are next. Look at the quote. 😦

    // A French schoolgirl has admitted to spreading false claims about a teacher before he was murdered last year.

    The girl explains in her leaked testimony that she made up the story so as not to disappoint her father. He posted two videos on social media in response to the allegations.

    Speaking on French radio on Tuesday, the Paty family’s lawyer said the girl’s family knew that she had not been in class on the day in question and why she had been suspended. “So to come and say now, sorry, I believed my daughter’s lies, that’s really weak,” Virginie Le Roy told RTL radio.

    In a separate development, two university professors have been given police protection after they were accused of Islamophobia by student protesters.

    An investigation has begun after posters were put up last week at Sciences Po university in Grenoble that read “Fascists in our lecture halls, Islamophobia kills”, naming the two professors.

    Junior Interior Minister Marlène Schiappa said their lives were in danger and the campaign was reminiscent of the harassment of Samuel Paty. “We can’t tolerate this kind of thing,” she said.


  5. Clarissa, have you seen this? CDC updated mask-wearing guidance and now they suggest that all children 2 or older wear a mask in the daycare setting: Just search for “Wearing Masks” section.
    What kind of sick people are coming up with these suggestions? My child is going to turn 2 soon, I really cannot imagine how they are going to cope with wearing a mask for many hours a day. How is that making any sense? I am really worried about this.


    1. I share your outrage but that is already the case in most places. The way to avoid it is find a daycare where people are willing to find inventive ways to get around the mandate. For instance, kids are allowed to take the masks off during meals. The teachers put a cup of water on the tables when kids draw or do their activities, and it counts as a snack time, so masks are off. Masks can be off during sleep time. So for reading activities, they all sit on cots pretending that it’s a very prolonged nap time. Outside masks aren’t required, so they go outside three times a day. And so on.

      We got to do what we got to do to protect our kids from this totalitarianism.


      1. Thank you for the suggestions, that is helpful! From what I understand states can also set their own rules for the daycare, so I am hoping my state will not follow this craziness. Until now, they were letting children younger than 5 attend the daycares without masks. I think that even requiring their teachers to wear a mask is crazy and I am really sorry for them. If you are sick and spend many hours a day in very close proximity to other people, I really do not understand what is that mask going to do for anyone. It is pure theater.

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