Rebranding Gene Therapy

Moderna CEO says mRNA shots are “rewriting the genetic code.” He calls it “information therapy”, and says “We are actually hacking the software of life.”

For those who can’t be bothered to google, the Pfizer and Moderna “COVID vaccines” are mRNA shots.

Read more here.

The timeline is clear. This technology was created. A pretext was needed to force millions to try it out simultaneously before the long-term effects became clear. A rebranding had to be conducted to substitute the expression “gene therapy” with “vaccine.” Government agencies had to be convinced to remove liability for any consequences for the makers of the gene therapy.

COVID was the pretext of choice. Could have been anything else.

The funniest thing is that this isn’t the first time this is being done. The mechanisms used to organize the opioid epidemic were identical. That one wasn’t global but, other than that, the similarities are eerie. Anybody who wondered about the consequences of prescribing a months-long supply of opioids for minor pain was also called a conspiracy theorist. The rebranding of “opioid” into “just a painkiller” is very similar to today’s “it’s just a vaccine.”

And you know what’s really funny? The argument for the aggressive use of opioids was. . . ready for it? . . . that there was an EPIDEMIC of pain that required ditching all medical protocols and prescribing Oxycodone in large doses. Remind you of anything? An epidemic. Doctors were told they would be sued and have hospital privileges removed if they refused to treat the EPIDEMIC with this very new and untested treatment.

Do read Sam Quinones’s investigative report Dreamland and tell me if the whole thing isn’t eerily recognizable.

20 thoughts on “Rebranding Gene Therapy

  1. “Read more here.”

    That page contains at least two falsehoods.

    First, there is a message from the site editor saying “Billions of people will be injected with mRNA gene therapy concoctions that will permanently change a persons genetic makeup.”

    There is no permanent change, the spike mRNA only exists temporarily in the cell, leading to production of the spike protein in order to train the immune system, and eventually gets broken down, as happens to ordinary human mRNA.

    Second, the article itself says “one of the most potentially catastrophic side effects of the mRNA vaccine is its interaction with cancer cells. According to a study at New York City-based Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the mRNA has a tendency to inactivate tumor-suppressing proteins, meaning it can promote the growth of cancer cells.”

    To quote the Sloan Kettering press release: “It’s important to note that mRNAs are a normal component of all cells and the specific ones discussed here are not involved in mRNA-based vaccines, like the one developed against SARS-CoV-2.”

    Genes code for proteins, and mRNA is the copy of the gene sequence, that serves as a template for building the corresponding protein. The Sloan Kettering discovery was that in the cancer cells, the mRNAs for the tumor suppressors were being damaged en route, so that the protein was not being properly and fully assembled.

    The one plausible side effect of mRNA vaccines that I’ve heard so far, is that they could lead to autoimmune disorders. That one does make sense to me. Autoimmune (at least the version I understand) happens when the immune system learns to attack a chemical structure that resembles something in the body’s own biochemistry. This can happen if a pathogen has surface molecules that resemble human cell surface molecules… So if the immune system learns to recognize and attack an aspect of coronavirus spike molecule structure, that is shared by some of the patient’s own natural proteins, that could lead to an autoimmune response. I have no idea how likely it is, but the scenario makes sense.


    1. If we are to develop autoimmune disorders from the vaccine, we would develop them from Covid infection as well, no? The spike antibodies would be the same, whether acquired through viral infection or produced as a reaction to the vaccine.

      I’m not worried about the genetic aspect of the vaccine. I think the greatest danger is from the lipid nanoparticles. Some research was done on rats and these particles were discovered in their livers and spleens many weeks after the injection. After the vaccine vesicles opens up, these lipids are free to go anywhere and at that point they don’t resemble anything that our body produces naturally, so they just linger in the organs. I imagine this would not be much of a problem with one dosage. But if they are planning to vaccinate every six months, we will have a lot of this garbage floating in our systems and who knows what kind of damage this will cause down the road.


      1. “If we are to develop autoimmune disorders from the vaccine, we would develop them from Covid infection as well, no? The spike antibodies would be the same, whether acquired through viral infection or produced as a reaction to the vaccine.”

        -This has actually happened. Some long-COVID patients have ongoing symptoms because of confirmed autoimmune responses. Many don’t know the specific cause. I, for one, have been explicitly told not to get the vaccine because of my body’s autoimmune response to the virus itself. It’s a grab-bag as far as the vaccine goes with long-COVID patients: some have really severe autoimmune reactions, some have a spike in symptoms and then go back to baseline after far longer than normal, and others have a normal vaccine experience and their symptoms actually improve. Which indicates different mechanisms causing long-COVID symptoms in different people, at least some of which are autoimmune.


    2. @MitchellPorter: “That page contains at least two falsehoods.

      First, there is a message from the site editor saying “Billions of people will be injected with mRNA gene therapy concoctions that will permanently change a persons genetic makeup.”

      There is no permanent change, the spike mRNA only exists temporarily in the cell, leading to production of the spike protein in order to train the immune system, and eventually gets broken down, as happens to ordinary human mRNA.”

      Respectfully, a permanent change is possible and imo even probable.

      We know that DNA may be changed epigenetically, and have been experimenting with that for a while now. We know that things like diet and hunger can change DNA, and have measured those changes in some populations eg changes in the DNA of babies resulting from their mothers experiences during pregnancy eg in the case of hunger.

      Well, introducing new mRNA in an unnatural and unregulated way by injecting it into the organism as a vaccine is probably going to change the cell as dramatically as changing diet or experiencing hunger.

      So as simplistic as it sounds, it follows on that an epigenetic change is not only possible but probable after something as significant as sneaking mRNA into a cell after wrapping it in a lipid envelope, especially after you read about RNA epigenetics (epitranscriptonomics) to see just how many steps there are in between the gene and production at the ribosome, which gives you a sense of just how many modes there are that would make a permanent DNA change possible.


        1. “Without reverse transcription, how would an event at any of those steps affect nuclear DNA?”

          By causing a 1) mutation or a 2) permanent change in the behaviour of a section of DNA eg by permanently disabling a gene, by permanently modulating a gene in its expression, by permanently activating a gene that usually doesn’t express or that shouldn’t express anymore at a certain stage in life etc. Genes may easily be disabled, modulated, or expressed by messenger/signalling molecules produced either directly by the action of introduced mRNA or indirectly as a consequence of that introduction as other molecules are produced/depleted/altered etc. and of course be mutated since DNA is subject to biochemical/physicochemical reactions just like any other molecule within an organism.

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    3. I agree with mitchellporter.

      As for what Moderna CEO said, I think it is the case of not adjusting the talk to the audience, not of admission of conspiracy. After all it is not too difficult for a bunch of skeptical biologists to acquire a dose of a vaccine, sequence the RNA and check what it really contains, the code for the COVID’s spike protein or something else. People sometimes throw around too many buzzwords, usually when they believe that they are talking to generally friendly but somewhat dumb audience (like, for example, enthusiasts of unlimited progress), sometimes even when they write grant proposals. He just did not think about how this BS could be potentially interpreted by the skeptics.

      My take on all possible ill effects of mRNA vaccines mentioned by Just George is – it all may be possible, with some probability, but then it will also be possible in the case of the exposure to the real virus. Even if we also allow for reverse transcription. Are any vaccines 100% safe – no. The question one really has to ask – are they safer than the exposure to the real virus… Or, to be fair, than other vaccines.

      About lipids – I admit ignorance. But as was mentioned in the comments to some previous posts, “nano” is just another buzzword, technically it just means that something has the size of several nanometers, with one nm = one billionth of a meter. Your cell membranes are made of lipids, and are several nm thick. But I would allow for some specific lipids being particularly resistant to being reprocessed by the body.


      1. I’ll answer with a quote. “Pfizer set a record for the largest health care fraud settlement and the largest criminal fine of any kind with $2.3 billion in 2009.”

        Also this:

        The company is world leader in unethical and dangerous behavior that has caused thousands of deaths and adverse effects. The desire to give them every benefit of the doubt is incomprehensible to me. And for what? A virus that 95% of people over 85 who contract it survive? That in reasonably healthy people under that age barely causes any symptoms at all? That has a very effective very cheap medication that treats it extremely well?

        These are the same companies that got thousands addicted to opioids creating a wave of deaths that lowered life expectancy. This is not a conspiracy. This has all been adjudicated in numerous court cases. This is all very recent.

        I find it completely incomprehensible why anybody would let them experiment on one not when one is dying of stage 4 cancer but to protect from a very survivable, very mild virus.

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        1. “Pfizer set a record for the largest health care fraud settlement and the largest criminal fine of any kind”

          Well… surely they’ve learned their lesson and now they’ve straightened up and are flying right!


        2. Well, pharmaceutical companies are for-profit, thus they are naturally inclined to cut the costs and cut the corners. Thus, they inherently cannot be fully trusted. Regardless of if any particular company was caught before or not. Please propose the system, compatible with the current state of human nature, that is free from this bug/feature, and where for-profit companies could be trusted to behave in an ethical manner.

          (By the way, I am not hinting at “socialism”, whatever that means.)


          1. Just because we can see the problem, doesn’t mean we have the solution. Often, the solution can only come into being, once the problem is laid out clearly.


          2. We all (aside from North Korea) already live in a system. It’s called neoliberalism. In this system, one of the underlying principles is personal responsibility. It’s all 100% on you what you put into your body and how it will impact you. When you get a telemarketing call, you don’t give the benefit of the doubt and assume that this is a person who is looking out for you. The #1 assumption should always be, “these bastards are trying to put some crap into my body that will get me hooked and in their clutches forever.” That’s the only sane position.


        3. I think that we can all agree that the mRNA technology that Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines” are based on is new. New technologies always come with unknown risks, there is simply no way they could have figured out all possible side effects before deploying this large-scale. The human body is a complex organism. Throw into it past fishy behavior and the fact that these companies are absolved of all liability if things go sideways, and the picture is not pretty. We can argue here about what those risks exactly are, but I think the details really are besides the point. Of course, on the other side, there is the virus, which is also relatively new with a lot of unknowns, although we now know that for a healthy individual, the probability of dying of this virus is very small. In the end, this becomes a calculated risk for every person – virus vs. vaccine. One can only hope that the government and our employers will leave this cost-benefit analysis up to the individuals, without trying to artificially tip the scales with all kinds of restrictions. Judging based on my coworkers and family, the vast majority of people will gladly take these vaccines.

          By the way, here are the things that keep me up at night. Forget about adults making decisions for themselves, let’s talk about children, who essentially have no mortality due to this virus:
          Is it really reasonable for them to be a part of a widespread vaccination program?


      2. “My take on all possible ill effects of mRNA vaccines mentioned by Just George is – it all may be possible, with some probability, but then it will also be possible in the case of the exposure to the real virus.”

        Not just possible. Probable.

        “About lipids – I admit ignorance.”

        It’s not complicated, but important. To explain: when a virus invades a human being, a single virus particle will come into contact with the body somehow (eg by breathing in air next to a sick person), plug into a receptor that is on the surface of a cell (in the case of COVID, that is via something called a spike protein), and inject its genetic material inside the cell, which takes over the cell’s metabolic machinery to turn the cell into a giant photocopier that makes many copies of the virus. This takes a certain period of time, in which the immune system may notice that the cell is malfunctioning and destroy it.

        Assuming that the first infected cell is not immediately destroyed and the cell acts as a big virus factory, these hundreds or thousands of copies of the virus are released from the cell, after which the cell usually dies (which can cause disease if the types of cells that die are important cells). The viral particles get into the blood or adjacent area of tissue, where they go looking for another cell to get into so that they can repeat the process. Again, they are in the bloodstream or body fluids for a certain period of time, in which the immune system may notice and destroy them.

        So, with normal infection, the infection begins with a small number of viral particles (or even only one), which grows and grows over time, moving from one region in the body to the next and the next if it is able to/not stopped by the immune system. The healthier the person is, the greater the chance that their immune system will stop the advance of the army of little virus particles, while the less healthy someone is, the more likely the virus will penetrate many or all organs.

        In the case of an mRNA vaccine that is encased in a blob of lipid (a blob of fat), the purpose of which is just to put a layer of fat over the mRNA so that immune cells don’t realise that there is any mRNA there for them to destroy, the process is different, because a gigantic number of strands of mRNA, each coated by a skin of lipid, are injected into the body all at once, where they travel via the blood to practically every tissue all at once, to turn many cells into giant manufacturers of a certain protein all at once.

        Naturally, that means that they can cause sudden chaos throughout the body all at once, where the healthier a person is, the greater their immune response – or over reaction – can be. Unhealthy people on the other hand are less prone to immune over reaction but might be so sickly that they don’t produce antibodies either, which makes injecting them with a vaccine pointless anyway.

        So put simply, regarding the lipid coating of mRNA in vaccines vs the way a virus normally enters cells, the difference is that the virus enters and multiplies gradually while being vulnerable to destruction by the immune system, while also being capable of deeper/nastier harm, compared to the vaccine which enters all at once in a way that is hidden from the immune system by a coating of lipid, but causes harm only as a consequence of producing a single protein and/or overstimulating the immune system when large quantities of protein are produced by affected cells.

        Apologies for the long unasked for and simplistic explanation. I write these out sometimes because it saves going back and forth later.

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        1. Thank you, George. I have zero energy today and couldn’t have written it all out so clearly and coherently but, once again, it’s exactly what I hear from my friends who are pharmaceutical scientists. It’s even a bit eerie because it’s like a verbatim rendering of a conversation I recently had with one of them.

          Thanks a bunch! You rock.


        2. dear Just George, no need to apologize, I enjoyed your explanation. Perhaps for a wrong reason – offering such an explanation to me indicates that my identity is still hidden well enough. Let’s just say that when I claimed ignorance about lipids, that meant that I have no personal first-hand experience of doing research on drug delivery using lipids.

          All of us here have our own background and our own life experiences. I am originally from a country (and my mother still lives there, so far so good, thank you) that has just risen to the top of the world’s ranking, COVID-wise. Had pretty liberal COVID policies until recently. Only got Quebec-level lockdowns (still not Spain-level) now AFTER getting to the top of that world rating. My country literally did what Clarissa advocates for. So I have somewhat low tolerance towards calls for resisting evil corporate/Democrat bastards by living “normal life”, or promoting “investigative journalism” where the “journalist” knows the “truth” before the investigation starts and selects some (true) facts accordingly. Just imagine “Russians killed millions of Germans during WWII” for WWII description. This is a 100% true statement, which, without the rest of the facts, creates very wrong impression of what WWII was about.

          I just have known Clarissa in real life for some time and I am not a type of person who unfriends people over politics. That’s why I am periodically coming here and ruining your bubble. Not apologizing for that…
          None of the above should be misconstrued as advertisement of any particular vaccines or vaccination in general.


          1. So I googled your country. Daily deaths in single digits. It’s truly a scourge of the proportions of the Bubonic Plague. Let’s forget to mention that “getting to the top of the world rating” means something completely different today from what it meant, say, last April or October because worldwide deaths and cases have collapsed. Let’s also forget to mention that this is the first major spike in that country that should be compared with first spikes in other countries and not with the moment long after the two big waves elsewhere.

            As for living a normal life, I’m not doing it to “own the libs” – pleasant as that might be – but because I like my normal life. Would anybody have benefited from me locking myself up at home for a year? Obviously, not. In spite of my nefarious actions in pursuit of a normal life, our positivity rate is 0% for several weeks in a row.


            1. I see you still cannot resist minimizing it, while making formally correct statements. Indeed 9 (the latest 7-day average) is a single-digit number. Let’s have a small poll – how many of our esteemed readers thought of “9” upon hearing “single-digit” from you?
              ~10 deaths per day, and >1000 (19473/14) infected people discovered per day is too many for a country of slightly over 1M people. Sure, most of them will have it mild. But a) hospitals are also reaching capacity and b) the numbers of those infected affect the probability of other people being infected while living “normal life”.
              Of course, some of it is a result of the fu**ups by the public health authorities, like everywhere else. But, if any parallels could be pulled at all between our government (until couple of weeks ago) and the US one – then our government was much more Trump-y than Dem-y. It was an almost unimaginable coalition of a pro-Russian party and two Estonian nationalist parties, one mainstream, and another hardcore, of “Estonia for Estonians” and demonstrations with torches kind. Literally a broad alliance of all social-conservatives… Did not help much…
              Sure, I understand a desire to live a normal life, especially when there is no COVID in your county(?), but unfortunately nobody knows for sure why some places explode and other do not. It is also entirely possible that you might be benefiting from an epidemiological situation that was in part created by all those panicky people hiding in their homes and venturing into a grocery store once a month…


              1. The only reason I didn’t mention the specific number 9 is because I didn’t want the country to be easy to guess without your consent.

                We have been completely open around here since June 1. I wouldn’t be able to lead a normal life if everything were closed. Every ounce of available evidence shows that lockdowns do nothing to stop the spread. But they do lead to higher mortality from other causes.

                I understand defending lockdowns a year ago. I did it myself. But today? After everything we’ve seen? I don’t get it.


              2. Besides, in what concerns us not having COVID, we’ve had COVID. We’ve had daily deaths of 2-3 people with a population of 230,000 for almost a year. Almost all of the deaths were over 80 years old.


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