The Movie Experience

I went to the movies, my friends. We saw Raya and the Last Dragon. It’s a wonderful, wonderful movie. Of course, they could play a soap commercial on a loop and I’d love it because the whole experience of finally being at the movies made everything feel intense. When the words “welcome back to the movie theater” appeared on the screen before the show, I cried.

The movie is typical Hollywood. Borders are bad, that kind of thing. But it has beautiful graphics. And it does teach that the virus that brings the whole planet to a standstill can be vanquished if people start trusting each other and stop treating each other with fear and suspicion.

The previews were really funny. One showed a movie about an extremely wholesome little girl who saw God and performed miracles. The one right after featured a large group of scantily clad teenagers wiggling their butts. I’m not sure there’s a plot. All the preview showed was the wiggling.

“The two Americas,” I remarked to N.

I didn’t go to the movies more than once a year before COVID but now I want to go a lot.

Frozen Out

I do feel bad for that poor woman who froze her eggs at 39 and discovered years later that they were useless. Still, this degree of self-infantilization and this extreme consumerism probably mean she isn’t ready to have a child even at 46.

Of course, eggs harvested at 39 will probably be bad. If you want to freeze, freeze at 25.

Before the Interview

I’m about to interview Lidia Falc√≥n. If I don’t have a heart attack before that. I’m shaking and shivering and chattering my teeth. And I have no idea why because she’s very friendly. I’m not planning to ask anything unpleasant.

N suggested I have a glass of wine but that’s only making me woozy.

More Hunger Games

Folks, did you know that Suzanne Collins released a prequel to the Hunger Games series?

Well, she did, and it’s a lot better than the actual series. The best thing is that there’s no first-person narrator, which already is a great improvement. The main character is President Snow when he was 18. And unlike the insufferably boring Katniss, he actually has a personality.

I can’t wait for the movie.

Question about Professional Goals

Since everybody loved my post about being Chair, here’s a question.

I’m due for a sabbatical soon. I could finish my 3-year term as Chair and take my sabbatical then.

However, I really want to run for second term. You can’t go on sabbatical while you are Chair. I don’t want to finish my term, hand things over to somebody else for 3 years, and then run again. The hardest part of this job is getting into the swing of things and, frankly, undoing the messes the previous Chair created. I want two consecutive terms. Or three, if I can argue exceptional circumstances.

But two consecutive terms mean losing one sabbatical out of the total number I can have in my career.

Should I sacrifice the sabbatical or the second term as Chair?

The purpose of a sabbatical is to let you dedicate all your time exclusively to research. However, there’s absolutely no chance I’ll do more research on sabbatical than I’m doing right now because it’s not humanly possible to do more. I’m a total animal on research this year. The kind of personality I have is that I work best when I have a million tasks to do, a bunch of deadlines, etc. As I said before, I thrive on interruption.

So what should I do? The reason I feel reluctant to sacrifice the sabbatical is because everybody will think I’m an idiot. What should I choose? Unconventional pleasure or social conformity?

Do you think I’m an idiot?