No Change

The CDC changed its social distancing guidelines to 3 feet. Yet my university is staying with 6 feet until at least next January.

This idiocy will never end because nobody cares about “science.” It’s all about turning us into an online diploma mill under the flimsiest pretext. There’s absolutely no plan to return to a 100% in-class teaching EVER.

Are You an Anti-vaxxer?

Have you been vaccinated for yellow fever?



That’s the tenor of the discussions I invariably have with the defenders of the obligatory “COVID vaccine.”

Even though they have not been vaccinated against every disease on the planet because they don’t evaluate their risk as high, they triumphantly label the people who follow an identical strategy for COVID “anti-vaxxers.”

Is it possible to be completely pro-vaccine yet not to get vaccinated for yellow fever? Of course, it is. Most people are in that camp. They believe in vaccines yet don’t think they need the yellow fever vaccine. To be an anti-vaxxer, you need to oppose the idea of vaccination.