Cognitive Dissonance

Instead of taking my kid someplace or playing with her on this school-free day, I conked out and slept all day. I’m a bad mother.

On the other hand, she engaged in imaginative play on her own for hours, not needing me in the least. I’m a good mother.

If the point of child-rearing is preparing the child for the parent’s death, then “my child doesn’t need me” is the greatest badge of honor.

OK, I solved my cognitive dissonance.

About Jordan Peterson

What I don’t like about Jordan Peterson is that he can’t coherently deliver even a very good and reasonable argument. He starts speaking, and it’s great, but only up to a point. Then, something clicks and he brusquely veers off into exhibiting his neuroses that have absolutely nothing to do with the point he was trying to make.

To give an example, I saw a clip of him talking about childhood aggression. He started saying that all children are aggressive at the age of 2. By the age of 4, most get socialized out of it (meaning that they learn socially acceptable ways of exhibiting aggression). Those who don’t get socialized out of it by 4, will behave anti-socially until 27-8, which marks the next stage of when they can move out of the anti-socially aggressive behavior. This is all good, useful stuff.

But then, all of a sudden, he switches into a completely irrelevant and, frankly, idiotic point that adult women are more aggressive on social media because they are into reputation destruction, etc. This is, obviously, his way of complaining that women are mean to him online. And a good, useful narrative that he started with and that people really need to hear is lost. It’s such a pity because many people would find it useful to hear about childhood aggression and how normal it is.

This is why everything Peterson says or writes sounds like verbal soup. He simply can’t stay on point. Such a shame because he does have useful things to communicate.

Too Much Wanting

Professors are the limit. It’s not enough to have unheard-of job security and tons of free time. No, they also need to make sure that nobody ever dares to express an opinion on the quality of their work. And have everybody constantly recognize how much they suffer from COVID and racism-sexism.

And with all that, they still want to transform colleges into online diploma mills because they can’t be arsed to show up at work even just twice a week for a couple of hours.