NPR Retracts

The NPR finally found it in themselves to retract the lie about Hunter Biden’s laptop:

It’s time, especially given that Hunter already recognized it’s his laptop.

And yet there will still be sheep who will turn on the NPR even after this and trust what it tells them.

Link of the Day

A great, great article by Peter Savodnik:

The real wrongdoers are the Enablers. The so-called adults. The tech founders and college presidents and newspaper editors and museum directors and bank CEOs who pretend that the fight for “justice” is just. Who pretend that the “equity” crusade is about fairness and not about defending the grotesque inequality between those who have been trained to think correctly and those who have not.

He’s absolutely right. “Anti-racist” is today’s way of saying “a gentleman or a lady of leisure.”

Do read the whole thing.