Imagine if every journalist treated every politician like Tucker treated that unfortunate Republican governor today. Instead of crawling on their stomachs and prostrating themselves in worship of politicians, imagine if journalists could hold them to the wall and pummel the daylight out of them. Every day. Just because it’s their job.

Instead, the journalists we’ve got act like the governor of Arkansas personally applied to them the chemical castration procedure he so lovs.

Well-deserved Castration

Tucker Carlson had on his show tonight the Republican governor of Arkansas who, in the name of “limited government” vetoed the bill prohibiting chemical castration of children. Tucker castrated him right on the show. The governor crawled away, holding his bleeding genitals in his teeth.

Here’s a question. Is there a liberal journalist who can do that to a Democratic governor? And I don’t mean in 1962. I mean today. Anybody?

Children and Prestige

Klara told kids at school that she has a big brother who died.* Immediately, having a dead older sibling became an issue of great prestige. The other kids invented dead older siblings and endowed them with names and personalities. Conversations began to abound to the effect that “Ellie has two brothers but they are both alive” (delivered with withering contempt for the unfortunate Ellie.) I’m sure a few kids told off the parents at home for being remiss in providing a real dead sibling.

I have a feeling I’m not deeply popular with other parents right now.

* For new readers, she does.