The Extremes

In the US, people who are born very poor and people who are born very rich have a very similar attitude towards life. They are passive, addiction-prone, have no impulse control, completely incapable of sustained effort, despise striving, have disordered personal lives and poor hygiene, and feel extremely sorry for themselves.

In short, the lumpen and the ultra-rich both fail to socialize their children even into the most basic maturity.

2 thoughts on “The Extremes

  1. The rich and poor, being at opposite extremes of a dichotomy, are defined by it in ways that the middle class will never be.

    The middle class, being vulnerable but not too vulnerable, lives with cautions that the extremes find either pointlessly inadequate or pointlessly unnecessary.

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  2. OT: down here so as not to keep hijacking the most recent comment thread: La Soufriere just erupted on St. Vincent in the Caribbean, yesterday (still going). Heavy ashfall over much of the island. Royal Caribbean sent a couple cruise ships to help evacuate people. But apparently they are selectively evacuating only people who have been COVID-vaccinated. Unvaccinated apparently not being allowed onto the cruise ships or onto other islands.

    I hope this is inaccurate. Who is requiring this? People must undergo medical experimentation to be evacuated from a disaster zone now?


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