Another Birthday Gift

OMG, Fernanda Melchor released a new novel, too??

God is great.

Let’s Go Anti-neoliberal

Who else on here enjoyed Tucker going off on Reagan on yesterday’s show? I want to put that segment on a loop and listen to it endlessly.

Reagan worship on the right should go, and a realization that Biden is today’s Reagan should set in. You can’t out-neoliberal today’s Democrats because they’ve got Google, Facebook, Amazon, and the rest of them. The only logical solution is to embrace your anti-neoliberal base and stop betraying them to ingratiate yourselves with these behemoths.

I also suggest substituting “woke” with “neoliberal.” It’s more precise, meaningful, and makes everything clear.

Who Killed Roque Dalton?

Roque Dalton was the most important Salvadoran writer before Horacio Castellanos Moya came along. Dalton was very well-know outside of the country, which is extremely rare for a writer from the Northern Triangle.

But then Dalton decided to quit writing and join a communist guerrilla. The first guerrilla he tried to join refused him because even guerrillas weren’t dumb enough to think one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century should run around the jungle with an Uzi instead of writing.

But there was another guerrilla that accepted the poor, deluded poet. Dalton stayed with that guerrilla for a very short time until the guerrilleros assassinated him. This is very common among all leftist forces. They slaughter each other a lot more eagerly than even the enemy.

But why did the guerrilla leaders really assassinate Dalton? Was it because they honestly believed he was a spy for the CIA or for the Cubans? Or was there something else?

Horacio Castellanos Moya, the greatest living Central American writer, has been fascinated by Roque Dalton’s story his whole life. Then, he finally got lucky. He came across a packet of letters exchanged by Roque and his ex-wife while he was in the guerrilla.

And. . .

. . . drumroll!!!. . .

the letters contained previously unknown information that really clarifies what happened. And it’s not political at all. Turns out, the guerrilla leaders who ordered the poet’s assassination and carried it out had young, dumb, entitled, mouthy mistresses. They sent the mistresses to stay with Dalton’s ex-wife in Cuba. An epic cat fight between the women ensued. The young mistresses came back to the guerrilla and complained, and Dalton, known for his acerbic wit and an enormous dedication to the ex-wife, wasn’t kind about their whining. Immediately after, the ‘husbands’ of the young women killed him.

The story is narrated in Castellanos Moya’s recently released book of essays titled Roque Dalton: Correspondencia clandestina y otros ensayos. The other essays narrate Castellanos Moya’s own political evolution. They are beautifully written and fascinating. No English translation yet, unfortunately, but for those who read Spanish, I highly recommend the book. The writing is crystalline in its clarity and an absolute joy to read.

Small Towns Are Better

Small towns are really better, in so many ways.

I’ve had facials done at very fancy salons in world capitals. I’m very grateful to the people who paid for these visits as a gift to me. But I hated every one of the facials because they invariably made me feel tense and look 15 years older.

Today was the first facial in my life that was very relaxing and made me glow. It was also the first facial where the cosmetologist didn’t criticize my freckles and the little red dot on the tip of my nose of which I’m very proud and that my husband adores.

And it was done in my small town by a local cosmetologist for a very modest price.

I’m so relaxed I decided to postpone the visit to the swimming pool because I’m afraid I’ll drown, the state I’m in.

Truth Is Lies

The BBC ran a news report on a surprising rise in female child molesters. If the rise were true, it would indeed merit a lot of attention and study. But it’s not. These suddenly rapey women are men. Like this one. Or like these ones.

We’ve already seen this phenomenon in the reports about “three Swedish men brutally raped a teenage boy” that always conveniently forgot to mention that these “Swedish men” had arrived from Eritrea 3 months earlier.

Of course, every Men’s Rights group is eagerly celebrating the news that women are turning out to be as inclined to rape as men. Together with the BBC they are glad to overlook that these “women” are really men.