Painfully Obvious

Well, duh. The whole point is to turn everybody into a lifelong patient. But none of it means the lockdowns will end. There’s always going to be some “new variant,” or crucial booster, or not enough booster, or booster too soon / too late, etc.

Pfizer won’t end this for us. Only we can do that.

Superficial No More

Remember the article about Castellanos Moya that was rejected for being superficial? I was given 10 days to rewrite it completely and re-submit. And I did. Almost killed myself because it’s a crazy amount of work.

I didn’t have to do it. I could have taken my time and submitted someplace else. But I wanted a challenge. I wanted to know if I still had it. (It’s a midlife crisis thing).

The article was accepted today with minor revisions. I got the highest possible ranking in originality this time but a middling score in the writing style. I’ve been writing in English so long that I can’t nail the Spanish stylistics well enough to fool people.

The New Afghanistan

It’s definitely time to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. The transformation of Mexico into a much more conveniently situated Afghanistan is now complete. Mexico now not only produces heroin, but manufactures synthetic drugs and even grows coca. And you don’t need to send troops to ensure that drugs are flowing. Just keep the borders open and it’s all good.

Long Read of the Day

This is a longish read from a Canadian scholar but it’s available in audio, free to download:

Here’s an interesting part of the conclusion:

The paper talks about the two stages of neoliberal globalization and the ways in which we are distracted from noticing its effects.