Almost Done Celebrating

Thank you for the birthday wishes, everybody!

I celebrated by doing only the things I enjoy, such as

  • Sleeping in.
  • Going to a playground and for a walk in the woods with my family.
  • Visiting a bookstore to buy a couple of trashy chick-lit books.
  • Reading the Thatcher biography. I’ll be reading it until the next birthday because it’s three volumes, a thousand pages each.
  • Going to the gym. (This is the part of the festivities that made my mother exclaim, “who are you and what did you do to my child? I don’t recognize this weird person!”)
  • Going to an upscale restaurant. Klara behaved quite well but we did have to take turns taking her out on exploratory trips of the surrounding areas throughout the meal.
  • Reading my new trashy chick-lit book.
  • Steam-poding my hair.

It’s sad that celebrating isn’t a profession. I would have risen to the top in no time.