For my birthday, a friend gave me a wicker picnic basket with leather straps and real crockery and cutlery inside. It’s like she looked deep into my soul and figured out exactly who I am.

It’s even a little creepy to be so understood.

Menstrual Disruptions

U of I has initiated a study of the disturbing impact that mRNAs have on the menstrual cycle. The researchers have already been overwhelmed by the number of reports they have received from women experiencing really weird effects.

The social media are exploding with the bizarre stories that multitudes of women are sharing. I’m glad that somebody is going to look into it. Of course, most of the women who took these shots fulfilled their reproductive goals a long time ago, so at least that is good.

Confusing Exhaustion

I keep wondering the same thing. I sat through an endless meeting the other day where people kept sharing how exhausted they are. We are in the same job. I feel fresh like a spring flower. What is it that’s exhausting them so badly?

They say “COVID,” but COVID means we do a lot less work. Nobody has to be at the office. Student evaluations of teachings were cancelled. All research expectations were removed. The university is paying for people to take 100% paid breaks from teaching to rest. (I’m not requesting one because if I rest any more than I already do, I’ll be a vegetable.)

Among the people at that meeting, I’m the only mother of a small child and the only person who has an intense research agenda.

So why are they so exhausted? Is it some sort of a class marker, like the ladies with their smelling salts? And is my lack of performative exhaustion betraying my peasant roots?

Whose Scholarship?

Twitter currently bans everybody who tries to share this study that masks are useless against COVID and have negative consequences.

Irrespective of how everybody feels about masks, isn’t it disturbing that people who work for a social media app and have zero medical background should decide what kind of scholarship gets disseminated?

The same thing has happened to people sharing research on completely different subjects, such as puberty blockers, etc.

Systemic Piggishness

And by the way, there are parents who are killing themselves to make sure their kids don’t notice the pandemic and have enough outside time, activities, and learning opportunities. And then there are parents whose kids run around murdering people and wielding knives and guns. When the differences between these kids become apparent, we start hearing about systemic racism and all that kind of ridiculousness. As if shitty parenting were somehow reserved for one race. It isn’t systemic racism that produces these kids. It’s systemic piggishness of their stupid parents and the systemic desire of all of us to pretend that the process of parenting has zero connection with the outcome of parenting.

Take Responsibility

As in the case of the two kids who murdered an Uber driver, I support criminal penalties for the parents (real and foster) of all kids who participated in the knife fight in Columbus, Ohio.

These people created murderous maniacs and unleashed them on society. And we are so in thrall to consumerism that we allow them to play victims on TV when their children end up dead or in jail.

Nurses Protest

A group of nurses are protesting in Toronto. They were fired for refusing to push experimental gene therapy on their patients and expressing doubts about Ontario’s insane COVID protocols on social media.

This is in response to people who say that if there were no problems with this experimental new technology, medical professionals would say something about it. Medical professionals are trying to say something but they get muzzled.