Now I’ve Seen Everything

I took my kid to the park today, and there was this elderly lady in a mask. She’d pull the mask down every 20 seconds to puff on a cigarette. Then she’d put the mask back. She was a chain smoker, so this went on and on.

I’m glad to see senior citizens being so health-conscious.

Lonesome Scrolling

A co-worker has a 15-year-old boy, and she says that in lockdown he went from being a sociable kid, a stellar student and an athlete to a morose creature who lies in bed all day scrolling his phone under the blanket. We all understand what it is he’s scrolling, and it’s all good, all teenagers need to. . . scroll. But when “scrolling” becomes the only activity in his life for a year, that’s not great. You’ve got to pick up some skills that will help you find somebody to scroll with together later in life but this kind of lifestyle isn’t conducive to that.