More Mask Research

Another big meta-study, this time from Germany, argues that masks do little to prevent COVID but have many potentially bad effects.

This was actually a scientific consensus before COVID, so the scientists are only reminding us of what was always known. Let’s see if social media try to ban this research, too.

Happy St James Day

Folks, you’ve got to watch this BBC interview where a white liberal reporter gets his balls handed to him by a black interviewee:

Kudos to BBC for airing the segment and letting the guy speak his mind.


Klara and her preschool friends invented a game called “Family.” Everybody takes on a family role – mom, dad, kids, grandparents, cousins – and then they hold hands and sing “I love my family, I have the best family ever.”

Klara also created a song that goes like this: “I love my mommy and daddy, they are the best. I love my family, it’s the wonderfulest.” She performs it in parks and on playgrounds, and people drop like flies of a cuteness attack.

Class War

Of course, this will make zero difference to people who can afford to hire a math tutor for their kids. But this will eliminate any chance of a competition for their children from smart yet poor kids.

This is precisely why people who can afford tutors institute these policies for people who can’t. This is the definition of class war.